Furkin Pet Insurance launches in Canada

New brand launches in Canada with annual renewable coverage of up to $20,000

Toronto, ON (Aug. 9, 2021) – It’s a name you’re not likely to ‘furget’. While the new Furkin Pet Insurance brand is lighthearted in its approach, it provides serious protection with a healthy level of coverage for pets when they experience an illness or accident.

Furkin coverage offers flexibility, with one large annual benefit and three different annual deductibles, so the owner can choose the monthly premium that best fits their budget.  Offering one simple plan with clear, easy to understand coverage, Furkin Pet Insurance is designed to help pet owners, their finances and their pets ‘bounce back’ when accidents or illnesses arise.

In developing the product, which includes annual renewable coverage of up to $20,000, the company studied emerging market trends, including Canadians’ responses to Covid 19.

Stay at home measures continue to strengthen the human/pet bond because we’re now living, playing, and working alongside our dogs and cats 24/7. In addition, new pet purchases and adoptions reached record levels over the past year, at the same time that many new pet owners have been facing financial uncertainty.

“These two trends told us that it was time for a fresh new option for pet owners, and Furkin Pet Insurance is the result,” said Randy Valpy, General Manager of Furkin Pet Insurance.

In addition to providing up to $20,000 in annual benefits, the Furkin policy has no per condition limits and no lifetime limits on any eligible conditions.

“With Furkin, pet owners can use their benefits to help their pet rebound from one single condition, or applied towards multiple illnesses or accidents, as they arise,” said Valpy. “It’s coverage that can remain in place for the entire lifetime of the pet.”

Furkin stands out in the sea of pet insurance options

Valpy admits that Furkin’s tongue-in-cheek communication style will raise a few eyebrows. “With ongoing advances in veterinary medicine, along with our pets’ increasing importance in our lives, the idea that ‘it’s time for some Furkin pet insurance’ has really taken hold. We’re confident that pet owners will pay attention to the concept of pet insurance with the launch of this fun, new brand.”

Furkin distinguishes itself with two additional healthy perks: around the clock Telehealth* support and Petriage, a dynamic mobile application.

Telehealth support is a toll-free telephone service that gives pet owners access to veterinary nurses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This provides Furkin pet parents the option to discuss the pet’s medical condition with a nurse before taking them to an emergency hospital, or even prior to visiting the pet’s regular veterinarian.

Petriage is a dynamic mobile application which provides Furkin pet parents with instant, actionable information about their pet’s health. Petriage’s dog and cat symptom checker relies on powerful algorithms to deliver veterinarian-backed insight about a pet’s care and medical symptoms.

“In these unusual times, pet parents are looking for pet insurance that meets the unique challenges they are facing,” said Valpy. “We believe it’s Furkin awesome coverage!”
Furkin will launch in the U.S. later this year.

About Furkin

Furkin Pet Insurance products are underwritten by Omega General Insurance Company and are distributed by Canada Pet Health Insurance Services, Inc.  Furkin is available in all provinces and territories except Quebec.  Furkin, the Furkin design, “Healthy coverage fur your family” and related words and slogans are trademarks owned by their respective trademark owners and are used under license.

Telehealth Support is offered through Vetsdirect Limited and Petriage is offered through Petriage Inc.

For more information, visit www.furkin.com.

Source: Furkin Pet Insurance

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