SGI CANADA’s Theft Prevention Tips

Regina, SK (July 9, 2021) – Before taking off to the cabin or heading out of town on vacation, homeowners should give some thought to how protect their home from break-ins and theft.

Burglary is often a crime of opportunity, and you can take preventative measures to deter thieves from finding the vulnerabilities in your home.

Secure the premises.

  • Close blinds and curtains.
  • Lock doors and windows, including your garage door.
  • Install a home security system, and/or invest in security cameras, including a doorbell camera.
  • Never leave your spare key in an obvious place, like under your welcome mat or in your mailbox.
  • Don’t leave a garage door opener in a vehicle parked outside your home.

Make your home look occupied.

  • Use timers to maintain normal lighting patterns.
  • Install sensor lights around your home.
  • Cancel all deliveries when you’re away.
  • Leave a radio on.

Ask a trusted friend for help.

  • Ask someone you trust to cut the grass, roll out your bin on garbage day and collect your mail.
  • Ask a neighbour to park in your driveway.

Don’t tip off thieves with your vacation selfies.

  • If you’re enjoying an Instagram-worthy vacation, posting your whereabouts to everyone and anyone while you’re still away could make your home more susceptible to thieves. (Maybe just enjoy the holiday and post the pics when you get home.)

Homeowners should keep an inventory of the valuables within their home. Take photos or video of important possessions, and keep jewelry, cash and other high-value items in a safety deposit box or hidden in an unlikely place (not the bedroom) while you’re away.

For more tips on how to prevent break-ins, visit click here. To make sure you have the right insurance coverage to protect you in the event of a break-in, talk your SGI CANADA insurance broker.


SGI CANADA is the property and casualty insurance division of SGI, offering products in five Canadian provinces. It operates as SGI CANADA in Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario, and also as Coachman Insurance Company in Ontario. Products are sold through a network of independent insurance brokers. For more information, visit

Source: Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI)

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