XRM Vision and Segic join forces to accelerate the digital transformation of brokerage firms

Montréal, QC (July 12, 2021) – XRM Vision and Segic, two information technology companies that offer group insurance solutions, are proud to announce they have signed a strategic partnership that will help group insurance brokerage firms across Quebec and Canada not only accelerate their digital transformation, but also automate and support the group benefits value chain, which encompasses group insurance. This partnership aims to offer a joint solution, where XRM Vision’s product will handle presales processes (including customer relationship management and the production of documents like requests for proposals and quotes) and Segic’s platform will operationalize employee benefits management, including third-party administration (TPA) and claims management (TPP) for all the benefits, insurance products and services offered as part of employee benefit programs.

According to estimates by XRM Vision and Segic, between 70% and 80% of employee benefit brokerage firms rely entirely on manual methods to manage their business processes, such as spreadsheets and word processing software. “Brokers face multiple challenges, including multiple data entry in several systems, significant administrative tasks, and trouble finding information on their clients, plans and claims,” said Félix Robitaille, President of XRM Vision. “This partnership’s vision is to enable brokers to centralize their data and processes management in a single software solution to increase their productivity.”

“Several brokerage firms have asked us to add presales capabilities, such as proposal or quote request production, to the Segic platform, which is specialized in innovative group benefit management,” said Danny Boulanger, President of Segic. “XRM Vision’s expertise in managing key presales and broker processes in the Microsoft Dynamics environment, which it developed since its foundation in 2008, made it the ideal partnership to propose an innovative approach in the group insurance value chain.”

“Segic has developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that we believe is the undisputable market leader for the innovative management of group insurance plans for TPA and brokers who want to offer administrative service only (ASO) ,” added Félix Robitaille. “Segic was the natural choice to complement TANDEM, our software for group insurance brokers.”

This partnership will enable XRM Vision and Segic to help brokerage firms grow and enhance their service offering. “In order to become more competitive, many brokerage firms offering broker services want to convert their files into TPA, while TPA providers want to evolve towards innovative models and expand their offering,” said Segic’s Danny Boulanger. “With the Segic/TANDEM joint offering, brokerage firms will be able to use TANDEM in broker mode and add Segic’s TPA and TPP capabilities as they grow.”

About TANDEM, powered by XRM Vision

XRM Vision is a people-focused CRM consulting firm driven by leading-edge expertise and commitment to our clients’ success. We have been specializing in designing and implementing customer relation management solutions for over 10 years, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies. We are proud to have been named “Business Application Partner of the Year” by Microsoft in 2020. Based in Montreal and boasting more than 60 experts, XRM Vision enables medium-sized and large companies to leverage the full potential of the processes and solutions that it offers, while its customers focus their efforts on providing an exceptional customer experience.

With TANDEM, we help insurance brokerage firms transform and automate their processes. From presales processes to policy activation, our broker management system lets brokers focus on what they do best: serve their clients.

For more information, visit xrmvision.com.

About Segic

Segic’s mission consists in helping organizations use a comprehensive set of technology and services that support every aspect of their benefit programs, from plan design to employee engagement. The platform’s cloud-based design and accessibility as Software as a Service (SaaS) make it the perfect solution you can take full advantage of through savings in terms of the costs and effort usually associated with IT infrastructure and software development. In addition, Segic updates, optimizes and improves its platform monthly to keep up with its clients’ innovative needs. For more information, visit www.segic.ca.

Source: XRM Vision

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