Billyard Insurance Group Expands into Alberta

Welland, ON (May 10, 2021) – Billyard Insurance Group (BIG) has officially launched their first national branch location in Alberta, making their mark on Western Canada. With over 48 established branches already serving diverse communities across Ontario, creating a nationalized presence was only a matter of time for the company whose vision is to “think BIG.”

Originally founded in 1998, the locally owned, independent insurance brokerage started off serving residents in the Niagara Region. With president Stephen Billyard and vice-president Cody Douma spearheading the company vision in recent years, BIG saw remarkable and exponential growth, making national expansion a very attainable goal on the company’s horizon.

“National expansion was the next obvious growth opportunity for us. Our business model provides the support and structure we needed to expand the business on a national scale,” Stephen Billyard explained.

It was with great intentionality, visionary leadership, and a strategic business approach that BIG has been propelled into this new national development. As he reflected on some of their strategies, Billyard said, “We focused on bringing in talented team members for key management positions, creating technology solutions that satisfied the needs of rapidly growing brokerage, and building operational infrastructure that supports growth.”

BIG has indeed earned its reputation as the home for Canada’s most talented brokers, enhancing the process of attracting top talent as they develop. Billyard emphasized, “We found that brokers and agents all across the country are looking for the type of entrepreneurial opportunity that BIG provides. Here they are able to take their careers to the next level and leverage their skills to be more profitable and effective in the industry.” Once Billyard and Douma identified key partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurial candidates, the next step in their success quickly followed.

When they proposed their plan to go national, the company received incredible support from their partners and markets. “We were amazed at the overwhelming appetite from our markets for growth as we increase our presence as a national brokerage,” Cody Douma, the company’s vice president exclaimed.

With 2020 causing a significant pivot to remote work in the industry, Billyard Insurance Group found themselves perfectly positioned for their upcoming developments into other Canadian provinces. Cody Douma shared that, “Where there was a push to meet with potential partners across the country, COVID actually accelerated our ability to meet with and select the best candidates through virtual means.” With their current focus on investing in infrastructure and technology, BIG was well-equipped to navigate and accommodate the changes that came with a rapid rate of growth.

Stephen Billyard, Cody Douma and the whole BIG team are thrilled by the support they have received, “We are encouraged by the excitement of so many talented brokers across the country on the BIG platform. Our vision for BIG is to be a leading national brokerage with communities across Canada.”

This expansion into Alberta is just the beginning for Billyard Insurance Group. They continue to look for ideal partnerships in Western Canada and welcome interested candidates to reach out. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for insurance, and a mindset to think BIG, contact them to learn more.

Think BIG.

About the Billyard Insurance Group

The Billyard Insurance Group is an award-winning insurance brokerage in Canada. They pride themselves on providing a holistic approach to insurance offering home & auto insurance, commercial insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, life insurance and financial planning services. BIG has seen expansive growth in recent years with President Stephen Billyard and his team strategically leading the way. Though they started as a local brokerage in Welland, Ontario, the company has established 45 branches in key cities across Ontario with an employee base of 490 and counting. Their growth strategy is fueled by a vision to acquire top talent by providing industry-leading training, technology, and broker support. For more information, visit

Source: Billyard Insurance Group (BIG)

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