A New Dimension To Influencing Customer Behavior

A 2021 ICTA nomination

Toronto, ON (Apr. 21, 2021) – Leveraging ground truth data combined with EQ’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Opta is able to generate target audiences tailored to customers’ specific requirements through its Digital Edge solution. This solution connects the physical features of a home with the behaviours of the inhabitants in the digital world. Incorporating real-time data analysis ensures that the solution can be monitored and adapted for optimum performance which ensures that Opta effectively identifies your best potential customers and focus on reaching them with the right message, at the right time to improve conversions and lower acquisition costs.

The layered approach will enable insurance carriers and brokers to develop a data driven strategy to:

  • Create targeted audiences using the client’s criteria
  • Segment key characteristics of the client’s target audience based on specific criteria
  • Effectively target high intent prospects
  • Target high-quality leads leveraging Opta’s Peril Scores
  • Geographically target the client’s audience
  • Digitally reach the audience segments:
  • Measure the results of the digital campaign


A recent proof of concept with a digital insurance company in Canada demonstrated impressive results by cutting acquisition costs by 60% and as a result of better audience targeting, conversion rates were improved by 3-5 times. It was observed that by adopting programmatic marketing techniques, clients could see which campaigns resonated more deeply with their audience, allowing them to differentiate the more effective approaches from underperforming ones. Tests also determined that Opta Digital Edge campaigns generate a significant volume of leads that could be retargeted in future campaigns

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