Messagepoint Enhances Messagepoint Connected to Enable Highly Personalized and Scalable Interactive Customer Communications

Toronto, ON (Mar. 30, 2021) – Messagepoint Inc. is pleased to announce significant enhancements to its interactive customer communications solution, Messagepoint Connected, designed to enable large enterprises to deliver highly relevant, personalized customer communications at scale. In release version 21.1, Messagepoint has rearchitected key aspects of its solution in response to demand from customers and prospects looking to support tens of thousands of customer-facing employees, including customer service representatives, sales teams and agents, with interactive communications.

Messagepoint Connected enables customer-facing team members to respond to ad hoc customer requests with individually tailored communications that are centrally managed in the Messagepoint customer communications management (CCM) platform. Messagepoint Connected takes advantage of the platform’s unique ability to dynamically drive content variations within a communication, including graphics and messaging, according to a customer’s individual requirements, interest, geographic region or other demographics. The solution also enables customer-facing users to create one to one personalized customer experiences with the ability to add custom messages in a controlled editing experience.

Many organizations have been investing in auto responders and chatbots to automate the management of customer service and sales inquiries; however, these tools are ill-equipped to handle situations beyond the simplest of cases. Those moments that cannot be handled by a bot are typically the moments in which organizations win or lose a customer, such as when a customer has a complaint, a complex question or simply does not understand how to properly interact with a bot. Typically, servicing teams are left to forage for the right communication templates stored on centralized servers and use basic word processing tools to edit and create a response. Messagepoint Connected provides users with thin-client, web based, centralized access to approved communications that can be dynamically personalized to ensure accuracy, relevance and regulatory and brand compliance.

“Relevance and personalization in communications are critical to creating winning customer experiences, but the complexity of doing so, especially in the call center and while retaining control over content and messaging, is a monumental challenge using traditional tools and approaches. It is critical to support customer-facing teams with interactive communications solutions to enable them to quickly deliver relevant, highly personalized and accurate communications via the customers’ channel of choice,” said Patrick Kehoe, EVP, product management, Messagepoint. “Messagepoint Connected gives enterprise-scale marketing, sales and servicing teams the ability to provide a better customer experience through targeted communications without relinquishing control and introducing compliance risk.”

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Messagepoint is a leading provider of customer communications management software. Only Messagepoint harnesses AI-powered Content Intelligence to automate and simplify the process of migrating, optimizing, authoring and managing complex customer communications for non-technical (business) users. Customers rely on its award-winning platform to consistently deliver exceptional, highly personalized customer communications across all platforms and channels. For more information, visit

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