Smartcar launches in Canada

Braintree, MA (Jan. 19, 2021) – Smartcar is pleased to announce its expansion into Canada. After our launch in Europe last month, businesses with operations in Canada can now request early access and use the Smartcar platform to build and scale their mobility products. Our first customers in Canada include the car sharing marketplace Turo, the fleet management software provider Pitstop, and the lot management solution provider ACE Marktplace.

The leading developer platform for mobility businesses

Smartcar is the leading developer platform for mobility companies. Businesses of all sizes use our APIs to connect their apps and services to vehicles. Auto insurance providers verify mileage to charge accurate rates. Electric utility providers offer smart EV charging programs that help balance the grid. Car sharing marketplaces offer contactless rentals with digital keys.

Now available in Canada

Businesses that offer their apps and services to vehicle owners in Canada can now request early access to Smartcar’s APIs. Our platform is compatible with over half a dozen car brands, with additional brands coming soon. Our car owner onboarding flow, Smartcar Connect, is now available in English and French to offer optimal language support across the country.

“After our expansion to Europe last month, we’re excited to launch our platform in Canada,” said Smartcar CEO Sahas Katta. “Our partnerships there have shown a wealth of opportunities for businesses building with Smartcar. We’re excited to be bringing our services into more markets as 2021 continues.”

Smartcar for car sharing

One of Smartcar’s customers with operations in Canada is the car sharing marketplace Turo. The U.S.-based company uses Smartcar’s APIs in a pilot program that offers secure keyless rentals to its customers in Canada.

Smartcar for fleet management

Our customers in the fleet management industry include the vehicle prognostics platform Pitstop. The Canada-based company uses Smartcar to provide the first hardware-free prescriptive fleet maintenance solution to enterprises in the country. Pitstop’s cloud-based maintenance platform unifies data from across the automotive industry to provide seamless, accurate maintenance dashboards to vehicle fleets. Using Smartcar’s technology, Pitstop customers benefit from a fully digital solution that eliminates the need for aftermarket hardware devices.

Smartcar for lot management

The Canada-based connected vehicle platform ACE Marktplace offers lot management software for car dealerships. The company uses Smartcar’s APIs to provide a hardware-free solution that allows dealerships to easily monitor and manage their inventory.

If your mobility business operates in Canada, you can now create a free Smartcar account and request early access to our platform. Stay tuned as we’re going to expand to more markets soon!

About Smartcar

Founded in 2015, Smartcar is the leading developer platform for mobility businesses. From auto insurance and car sharing to EV charging and fleet management, businesses of all kinds use Smartcar to access relevant car data from their customers’ vehicles. By making it easy to connect to their customers’ cars, Smartcar allows these companies to focus on what’s important: building the future of mobility.

Smartcar has raised $12 million in Seed and Series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz and NEA. Its headquarters is located in Mountain View, California. For more information, visit

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