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Under Construction: Commercial Lines Underwriting Transformation

New SMA guest blog by Megan Bock Zarnoch, Founder, Boundless Consulting Group

SMA, in partnership with Boundless Consulting, recently conducted an industry survey that provided an enlightening view of our industry’s current state while affirming that industry leaders all expect a significantly different future in underwriting.

Our results show that for most carriers, the current state of underwriting is “under construction,” specifically relative to technology and process. Our analysis indicates there are some roadblocks and unforeseen hazards that will need to be navigated in order to successfully transform and achieve that future state.

We’ve created this infographic to represent the winding road between today’s state and the dramatically different future, as demonstrated in our survey results, with a full report on the data coming by end of year:

Click here for a larger downloadable copy in PDF format.

While the road may be perilous, the right roadmap can guide the transformation into the future, accelerating progress and ensuring your teams are with you when you get there. If you are interested in access to the roadmap, you can find more information here: Digital Underwriting Transformation.

We’d love to start a conversation: What roadblocks do you see on your journey?

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