BrokerTeam Group Adds Two New Brokerages to Its Growing Insurance Broker Network

Toronto, ON (Sept. 28, 2020) – BrokerTeam Group (BTG) is excited to announce that it will be setting up two new insurance brokerages in the last quarter of 2020. Located in Mississauga and Pickering respectively, BrokerZone Insurance and BrokerUnion Insurance will be the eleventh and twelfth brokerages to become a part of BrokerTeam Group’s expanding insurance broker network.

BrokerTeam Group will support the two brokerages with insurer contracts and mentorship to enable a launch pad for business and premium growth. CEO of BTG, Royle Leung will serve as the principal broker until Vladimir Latinovic of BrokerZone Insurance and Muqit Aziz of BrokerUnion Insurance obtain their principal broker licenses and can take over the helm.

“Currently, there are many hurdles for brokers to start their own brokerage through traditional means,” comments Royle Leung. “BrokerTeam Group makes it an achievable opportunity with our established relationships with insurers and pool of industry experience. Our ultimate goal is to open up doors for talent so they can develop into leaders within the industry.”

Previously operating as a Desjardins Financial Security office, BrokerUnion Insurance will be converted into a RIBO-licensed brokerage, with its grand opening in September 2020. There has been an upward trend of late within the industry with OTL agents taking the step to acquire their RIBO license.

“We see this trend as a positive for brokers,” remarks Royle. “The injection of talent with different perspectives and experiences will help strengthen the broker channel as a whole. We have to welcome new ideas and new ways of doing things in order for the channel to evolve and stay effective for our clients.”

“We are extremely excited to partner with BrokerTeam Group as we are combining the many years of solid industry experience from BrokerTeam with an established team of insurance professionals converting from an agency to form BrokerUnion,” says Muqit Aziz. “The ‘Union’ in BrokerUnion is our commitment to long-term partnerships with our customers, partners and our employees. Our message to our clients is simple: We are not a call center; we are your local insurance brokerage.”

BrokerZone and BrokerUnion will offer property and casualty insurance as well as life insurance in Ontario, while BrokerUnion has plans to expand its operations into other provinces. Both can look to BrokerTeam Group for mentorship in underwriting, operation efficiencies, business expansion, marketing advice and financial guidance to build a foundation for sustainable growth.

About BrokerTeam Group

BrokerTeam Group is an insurance brokerage management company focused on enhancing the broker channel through shared ideas and resources, while maintaining each brokerage’s individuality. BTG has twelve independent brokerages within its broker network, including BrokerTeam Insurance, CoreService Insurance, PrimeService Insurance, BrokerTeam BC, CHAT Insurance, ETC Insurance, Inspire Insurance, Eon Insurance, Begin Insurance, Bespoke Insurance, BrokerZone Insurance and BrokerUnion Insurance. For more information, visit

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