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Cooking Up Change: A Recipe for Underwriting Transformation

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The world is changing fast. And commercial insurance fills an increasingly important need in our world by creating predictability out of uncertainty and helping businesses of all sizes navigate this turbulent time. This insurance model enables businesses to continue to participate in the economy; fulfill product and service needs; keep the population fed, clothed, and living in safety; provide employment to so many across the nation – and prevent devastation due to the unforeseen impact of a natural disaster, accidental event, or alleged liability. We believe that this is critical: commercial insurance must withstand and evolve with the changing environment to continue to fulfill its purpose.

At present, the deck is stacked against many companies, and a short-term “strategic” mindset and siloed approach to digital transformation and new technologies has left those organizations unaware of the impending trouble. We believe that there is still hope: A holistic paradigm shift that is centered in culture can leapfrog innovative companies to the forefront of insurance and position our industry ahead of other industries in the battle for profits, talent, market share, and reputation.

We’ve compiled a new thought leadership report – A Recipe for Commercial Lines Underwriting Transformation – to guide forward-thinking organizations to start where they are today and achieve this transformation to highly agile, resilient, and economically successful companies for the long term. Our lens is honed in on commercial lines underwriting in mid-to-large sized businesses. Read on for insights into:

  • The complex web of factors impacting the industry landscape
  • An assessment of today’s state (Technology, Process, and People) against which to benchmark your organization
  • Future state ecosystems and illustrative use cases
  • Readiness and solution levers to pull

Property & Casualty commercial lines underwriting will look different in 2030. Small markets are already shifting to new digital, transformational business models. Mid-to-large sized business is the new open space, ripe for digital transformation and the leap forward into a new model for 2030. Every commercial lines insurance business has a choice to make: stay the course and be left behind, or embrace a paradigm shift. Which will your organization choose?

To download a free copy of the report, please take our survey about the current state of commercial lines underwriting.

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