ClaimsPro Introduces Newly Enhanced Claims Data & Reporting System For Clients

Launch of ClaimsPro Connect

Mississauga, ON (Aug. 17, 2020) – ClaimsPro, an independent adjusting and claims management leader in North America, is pleased to announce the launch of ClaimsPro Connect, an enhanced and improved claims data and reporting system for their clients. Previously known as Client Access, ClaimsPro Connect introduces improved features in response to an increased demand in the marketplace for more advanced management and claims reporting data.

As the pace of our industry increases, ClaimsPro Connect gives our clients access to enhanced claim file data using advanced security controls and full interactivity with Google applications to allow for claim geographic mapping and regional views. All the existing data and reporting capabilities are still available within the system, now with a much more aesthetic look and improved user experience. Clients will have access to more advanced loss data using new reporting tools with greater customization and download options as well as tailored searches and dashboard views.

ClaimsPro Connect users have quick access to run reports in real time and select layouts for different subsets and loss contexts. Further, they can tailor their file search results to their specifications, meaning they only see the most relevant data. Search results can be exported to Excel so that loss runs can be immediately generated. A search button on every screen within the system means a desired claim file can be quickly accessed.

The claim file insights provide a holistic overview of file trends, whether open or closed. A summarized list of reminders on the dashboard means users can conveniently review a full list file task reminders. Correspondence activity is tracked and logged on a timeline. Contacting personnel is easier too—just one click dials a phone number or opens Google Maps to view a given location.

“ClaimsPro Connect is an essential upgrade to our current system,” begins Lorri Frederick, President of ClaimsPro in Canada. “I believe its improved functionality and customized dashboard and reporting features will prove to be a great asset for our clients, providing them with a complete or selective overview of their claims data.”

“ClaimsPro Connect identifies skilled Adjusters across Canada and the USA to meet the needs of our clients,” says Dustin Volk, Senior Vice President Operations for SCM Insurance Services in the United States. “Now our multi-national clients can view claims from both countries and get a consolidated view of their risk and loss data across North America.”

ClaimsPro Connect launches nationwide in mid-August and will be available to all clients immediately thereafter.

About ClaimsPro

ClaimsPro an independent adjusting and claims management company that has been working with Canada’s domestic insurance market for over 30 years. With offices in every province in Canada and 11 branch locations in the United States, ClaimsPro provides its clients with local expertise and the resources of a multi-national company. Visit to learn more.

About SCM Insurance Services

SCM Insurance Services has been supporting the insurance and risk management community for more than 30 years with over 200 locations and over 3,000 employees providing claims adjusting, third-party administration (TPA), risk management, investigative, surveillance, risk mitigation, medical services, forensic services (accounting/engineering), and risk intelligence. SCM has distinguished itself through innovative technology, expert staff, and solid customer service. The SCM Insurance Services Group of Companies includes ClaimsPro, International Programs Group (IPG), Xpera Risk Mitigation & Investigation, Cira Health Solutions, Pario Engineering & Environmental Sciences, Opta Information Intelligence, and Pario Forensic Accounting. Visit for more information.

Source: ClaimsPro (Canada)

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