QBE North America offers AI-assisted Customer Home Inspections through Flyreel

Holistic solution improves the resiliency of businesses in an increasingly volatile world

New York, NY (July 21, 2020) – QBE North America has announced a strategic partnership with Flyreel, Inc., a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for property insurance, to help customers manage risk and prevent loss through an AI-assisted tool. Allowing customers to conduct their home inspections at their convenience and on their terms, is the best and safest way for QBE to ensure customers get the right coverage tailored to their needs.

This new service offers QBE customers access to effortless self-service property inspections. Utilizing the AI-assistant tool, customers can document interior and exterior data including property features, materials and more—all while identifying hazards and risks using advanced computer vision technology. This provides a streamlined inspection process without the need of a third-party inspector entering the customer’s home.

“As an early adopter to digital transformation, QBE is helping customers to easily conduct home inspections and gain insights into managing risks,” said Fred Dabney, Vice President, Affiliated. “QBE believes strongly in empowering customers with the most advanced tools available to help them obtain the right coverage for their homes. This progressive approach will help our customers even more given our new virtual world.”

The best thing is that we are able to do this on our own, at home, by ourselves and on our own time.
QBE Customer

The identification of risks and hazards through Flyreel’s self-guided inspections helps QBE quickly and efficiently support customers by improving the safety within their homes. “QBE is committed to helping customers understand and reduce their risk exposure while leveraging our global community of experts. Flyreel’s innovative platform delivers that,” said Paul Isaac, Senior Vice President, QBE Global Risk Solutions.

“Flyreel is honored to be in a position to support QBE North America as they progress their mission of serving their customers to the best of their ability, using the best of today’s technology,” said Cole Winans, CEO of Flyreel. “Our industry-leading technology is a gateway to operational efficiency and better customer experiences; We’re excited to be partnering with QBE to deliver both at scale.”

About Flyreel

Flyreel provides total property understanding for underwriting, loss control and claims. Flyreel’s advanced AI assistant guides users through fully configurable workflows. As users scan their property with their smartphone camera, Flyreel’s proprietary computer vision technology automatically documents critical property data like hazards, risks, features, materials and more. Flyreel’s AI Assistant can “react and respond” to data collected by the policyholder, adapting and customizing conversational workflows based on the unique attributes that it “sees” in near real-time. To learn more about Flyreel, visit www.flyreel.co.

About QBE

QBE North America, an Integrated Specialist Insurer, is part of QBE Insurance Group Limited, one of the largest insurers and reinsurers worldwide. QBE NA reported Gross Written Premiums in 2018 of $4.7 billion. QBE Insurance Group’s 2018 results can be found at www.qbe.com.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, QBE operates out of 31 countries around the globe, with a presence in every key insurance market. The North America division, headquartered in New York, conducts business through its property and casualty insurance subsidiaries. The actual terms and coverage for all lines of business are subject to the language of the policies as issued. QBE insurance companies are rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best and “A+” by Standard & Poor’s. For more information, visit www.qbe.com/us.


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