Novinsoft launches new class of Illustrator applications

Port Perry ON (July 15, 2020) – Novinsoft is pleased to announce it is rolling out a new class of illustrators developed with the new Novinsoft Application Architecture.

All-new Novinsoft Illustrator applications are now available as a web-delivered application running in the local browser. One single application for all target platforms – Windows, MacOS, iOs and Android; run locally in a disconnected state, like our current desktop applications, but on any device.

Features include:

  • Hybrid Online/Offline allows instant version/rate upgrade with offline illustration capability.
  • Best of both world for advisors and Insurance Provider tech support.
  • New illustrator’s cross platform capability which runs in local browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari…Mac, PC, Android) via the web assembly approach.
  • Advisor just needs a URL to access the new illustrator. Traditional “installation” is not required. Its like downloading an app to your device from an App Store.
  • UI will auto-scale to optimize the screen size and UI controls in different platforms and devices
  • Does not require hosting or to run within the Insurer’s web infrastructure.

No need for a separate desktop system and on-line system. Novinsoft is now offering one system that’s good for all platforms.

This is major new application architecture, with significant benefits. We’re excited about working with our client partners to roll out the new class of illustrators.

For more information, contact Neil Menear at [email protected] or 905-985-8546.

About Novinsoft

Novinsoft Inc. is the leading developer of on-line or off-line New Business and In-Force Insurance Illustration Systems, Needs Analyses, Sales Concepts, and Wealth Management sales modules for the Canadian Financial Services industry.

Since 1993, Novinsoft has been serving the Canadian Financial Services industry with software solutions for life, health, annuity & investment products. Novinsoft develops Illustration Systems, Custom Needs Analysis, Wealth Management Illustrators, and Sales Concepts, and is the #1 provider of Illustration Systems.

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