Property Damage Appraisers Launches Virtual Solution Allowing Claimants to Submit Damage Photos Anywhere at Any Time

PDA Virtual is the company’s no-touch estimating solution that turns all smart devices into an estimating tool, allowing the end-user to complete their claim at their convenience

Fort Worth, TX (July 7, 2020) – Property Damage Appraisers Inc. (PDA), the leading U.S. independent damage estimating firm, provides clients with the fastest cycle times in the industry. Now, as COVID-19 has resulted in a 60% increase in virtual estimates industry-wide, the firm is proud to announce PDA Virtual, its customer-driven, no-touch, virtual estimating tool.

“To further support our position as the nation’s leader in cycle times, PDA Virtual is another option that we provide our clients and their customers to get a speedy auto or heavy equipment damage estimate in an easy, safe manner,” said Executive Vice President, Tom Slimak. “PDA Virtual will let the claimant choose how they want to interact with us. This is a convenient, do-it-yourself option for people who are trying to get back to normal as quickly as possible while also avoiding physical human contact amid the pandemic.”

While only 20% of industry claims were virtual before COVID-19, the firm expects that at least half of all auto claims will be virtual moving forward. With PDA Virtual, clients are prepared to efficiently meet the needs of their customers as the world evolves into a new normal.

This solution allows claimants to turn their smart device into an estimating tool, allowing them to submit photos of the damage at any time, from anywhere. Once a claimant files a claim, the claim handler simply assigns the damage inspection to PDA Virtual and the link is sent to the claimant. Then the claimant can just point, click and submit photos of the damage at their convenience to avoid making appointments or visits to a body shop, and will receive real-time notifications throughout the process.

PDA Virtual is also efficient for insurance providers, with PDA managing the process, quickly providing a completed estimate, and is fully supported by the PDA Customer Service team.

PDA has been at the forefront of virtual estimates since 2014 and this enhanced product will continue to serve the market’s evolving needs. This level of consistent, forward-thinking innovation is why PDA is the leader in providing fast, accurate estimates for all kinds of heavy, complex and specialty equipment, residential and commercial property damage, and vehicles, with a team of more than 650 local appraisers completing nearly 420,000 damage estimates a year.

“Millennials and Gen Z have been pushing for digital options for years, but COVID-19 fast-tracked the need for no-touch estimation solutions using smart devices for all generations,” said Slimak. “This is the future of claims, and we want to be able to service our clients in the most convenient way to provide the fastest cycle times possible.”

About Property Damage Appraisers

Property Damage Appraisers Inc. (PDA), the nationwide leading independent damage appraisal firm, is revolutionizing the industry by providing consistent quality products at speeds never experienced before across the United States, including guaranteed Same-Day Service, using a combination of technology and human expertise. PDA completes over 420,000 estimates a year for heavy equipment, over-the-road truck, specialty equipment, auto, RV, boat, motorcycle and property damage through our national team of more than 650 local appraisers in more than 250 offices. Established in 1963, PDA’s corporate headquarters is in Fort Worth, Texas. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Property Damage Appraisers, Inc.

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