Insurance Providers Increasingly Sending Documents Through My Proof of Insurance During COVID-19

Toronto, ON (July 6, 2020) – Over the last several months, CSIO has seen a significant increase in insurance providers adopting My Proof of Insurance as their preferred solution to go paperless and send policy documents to end consumers. While the solution has already been successful as a way to electronically send and store eSlips (digital proof of auto insurance cards), the recent shift towards documents reflects the current safety and paperless climate of the pandemic.

With the government deeming insurance an essential industry, insurance companies are still required to send consumers their important insurance policy information in a timely manner. Since paper mail and in-person meetings are no longer the norm, My Proof of Insurance has become an attractive solution to fill that gap for organizations who may not have a process in place for electronic distribution. By using My Proof of Insurance, companies can seamlessly email personal and commercial lines documents to the customer directly from their policy management systems. Attachments can include policy renewals, declaration pages, and billing statements.

One of the benefits of My Proof of Insurance is that the implementation of the solution is easy and straightforward, meaning those companies who were facing COVID-19 social distancing measures without a paperless/electronic solution could easily adopt and start using My Proof of Insurance with no additional resources required. Additionally, sending insurance policies and eSlips over email saves significant expenses of paper, postage, and administrative duties, freeing those resources to be used in other customer service actions.

“It’s nice to see an increasing number of CSIO members adopting My Proof of Insurance for sending both eSlips and insurance policies to customers,” says Catherine Smola, President and CEO, CSIO. “With so many variables beyond our control right now, I’m very impressed with our industry’s resilience in continuing to deliver excellent customer service.”

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SOURCE: Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO)

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