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In 2020, the world has changed; come together through the unexpected

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New York, NY (June 17, 2020) – In the last few decades, the insurance industry has incrementally innovated on top of a paper-based, legacy foundation, moving away from investments focused on internal automation and processes toward investments in managing insurance customer relationships, and customer-centric product and services.

In the 2010s, insurers began experimenting with new types of technology as a potential complement to – rather than as a replacement for – the traditional way of doing business. Slow processing of application, underwriting and claims coupled with inflexible annual policies were still the status quo. Today, the desire for customer-driven, on-demand services is taking off.

After decades of low-level innovation, we are entering a time of tremendous, accelerated change. What does this new normal mean for insurers that need to stay competitive?

In this white paper, Slice covers what insurers should consider to be competitive in a world that may have more impromptu quarantines and unexpected disruptions to business, entertainment, and travel. The insurance industry has adapted before in major ways, it is time we do it again. In this report, Slice dives into how.

Our partnership with Slice is a great example of the leverage we can get from collaborating with InsurTechs.
Given Slice’s technology and our underwriting, pricing and claims expertise, we have built a digital end-to-end cyber offering for SMBs in just 3 months.
Lauren Tennant Pollack, Partner & Digital Distribution, Accelerate Lead, AXA XL

I cannot think of a time in the Canadian insurance industry where an entirely new product has been built within two months of announcing intention to create a product from scratch.
President and CEO, The Co-operators Group Ltd.

Access the white paper: The New Demand for On-Demand: A Path Forward for Insurers.

About Slice

Slice Labs Inc. is the insurance engine behind tomorrow’s cloud-based, on-demand digital services ecosystems for the new economy. Through the Slice Labs Insurance Cloud Services (ICS) platform, Slice Labs is enabling insurers, technology companies, and other service providers to build truly intelligent and intuitive, pay-as-you-go digital insurance products protecting the insured anytime and anywhere.

Slice Labs is headquartered in New York, with a launch studio in Toronto and a development office in Ottawa.

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