Brokercore first CSIO member to reach Level II Verified milestone

Brokercore becomes first BMS vendor verified for Level II in CSIO’s Commercial Lines Certification Program

Toronto, ON (June 2, 2020) – CSIO is pleased to announce that Brokercore has become the first CSIO member to achieve the Level II – Verified milestone in the Commercial Lines (CL) Certification Program. To reach this, Brokercore successfully demonstrated their implementation of CL Data Standards and real-time quoting functionality from their BMS for sample contractors’ business.

The Commercial Lines Certification Program is comprised of three levels, each representing an important milestone in the adoption of CL Data Standards. The levels are:

  • Level I – Foundation
  • Level II – Verified
  • Level III – Certified

The program was launched in early May to support insurer and service provider members who have implemented CSIO CL Data Standards, providing the foundation for real-time quoting. Certified members are recognized as innovative leaders who are committed to providing brokers with straight-through processing functionality. This results in streamlined workflows and improved operational efficiencies.

“Incorporating data standards to improve broker connectivity consistently remains a priority for us and we’re excited with what has been accomplished to reach this level,” says Chris Farris, Director, Business Development of Brokercore Inc. “Achieving this type of progress without CSIO, an organization that facilitates the maintenance and best practices of standards, would be very difficult. We thank them for their support and expertise in leading the P&C insurance industry towards innovative solutions that will have significant benefits for commercial customers.”

“The certification program exists to ensure partners are exchanging data that is uniformly implemented in accordance with the XML standard. Doing so allows for interoperability between systems, and a smoother, frictionless workflow for all parties involved,” says Catherine Smola, President and CEO of CSIO. “I congratulate Brokercore on this achievement which demonstrates their commitment to the broker channel.”

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SOURCE: Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO)

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