Element AI Names New CFO & CRO

New Chief Financial Officer and Chief Revenue Officer executive appointments will oversee global financial operations and support the execution of the company’s go-to-market strategy

Montréal, QC (May 5, 2020) – Element AI, a global developer of artificial intelligence-powered (AI) solutions and services, today announced that it has appointed a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Roger Blanchette, and a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Stephan Rioux. These new members will work with the executive team and across all lines of business as Element AI continues to focus on delivering solutions and services to its global customers.

As CFO, Blanchette will oversee all of Element AI’s financial activities including financial planning, forecasting, and reporting. Prior to joining Element AI, Blanchette was the CFO of Skyword, a private equity backed software company that provides a marketing content management solution. He has a proven track record of providing strong financial leadership while significantly contributing to the definition and execution of corporate strategy.

Stephan Rioux, in his role as CRO, will establish strategic alignment for all revenue-related functions, including marketing, sales, customer support, and revenue management. Prior to joining Element AI, Rioux was the Global CRO for JW Player and spent 13 years at Adobe as Vice President of North America Strategic Verticals, M&E, FSI and Retail. He is a global sales leader and has deep expertise with enterprise software, SaaS, security, data and AI.

“Element AI is in business for the long run. Roger Blanchette and Stephan Rioux are an essential part of our long-term strategy to continue developing and delivering impactful AI solutions and services that bridge human and machine collaboration,” said Jean-François (JF) Gagné, CEO and Co-founder of Element AI. “We are organizing our company to innovate and deliver AI solutions and services primed for rapid adoption.”

As artificial intelligence and machine learning integrations continue to rapidly evolve, Element AI acts as a bridge between fundamental AI research with advisory and enablement services that lead to full-stack AI solutions. The addition of both Blanchette and Rioux to the executive team will help the company assert financial synergies between these separate yet equally important arms of the business.

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About Element AI

Element AI develops AI-powered solutions and services that help people and machines work smarter, together. Founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneurs including JF Gagné and A.M.Turing Award recipient, Yoshua Bengio, PhD, Element AI turns cutting-edge fundamental research into software solutions that exponentially learn and improve. Its end-to-end offering includes advisory services, AI enablement tools and products, aimed at helping large organizations operationalize AI for real business impact. Element AI maintains a strong connection to academia through research collaborations and takes a leadership position in policymaking around the impact of AI technology on society. For more information, visit www.elementai.com.

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