EQ Inc. and Opta Information Intelligence announce best-in-class partnership

Canada’s leading geospatial and location data company comes together with the leader in household insurance data to provide improved solutions to the insurance industry

Montreal, QC (Apr. 30, 2020) – EQ Inc., North America’s leader in location behaviour data and intelligence, and Opta Information Intelligence Inc., Canada’s largest property location intelligence provider, are pleased to announce their partnership to deliver improved target marketing and performance capabilities for the insurance industry and other verticals.

This data and technology partnership will create unique target marketing and performance products including specialized predictive models and improved segmentation tools. By combining Canada’s richest device graph (EQ) and the largest residential and business data set (Opta), the partnership is a game changer for the Insurance and Financial Services industry.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Opta,” said Geoffrey Rotstein, President and CEO of EQ Works. “In a data driven economy, the ability to provide predictive models that show companies where to focus is a huge advantage. Our combined solution will provide information to insurance companies, financial institutions and auto brands to better understand where to focus to improve lead scoring, acquisition capabilities and overall performance for all of their data-driven marketing work.”

EQ is well known for bringing cutting edge data solutions to Canada and the U.S. Its data and technology platform is widely regarded as best-in-class for providing data measurement and attribution capabilities, business and consumer insights at scale. This partnership will enhance EQ’s data and product offering by delivering enriched solutions for the insurance industry and beyond.

As the Canadian Insurance market leader for property location intelligence and consumer behavior, Opta, with its EQ partnership is enhancing and integrating additional consumer insight information into its suite of solutions. The combination of enhanced geospatial consumer behaviour data, along with detailed property and location intelligence information, will provide the foundation for a broad range of new solutions powered by consumer insights.

“We are committed to delivering tools that allow brokers and insurers to enhance their client relationships, while improving their underlying competitiveness”, said Opta President Greg McCutcheon. “We have insights into 13MM residences and more than 4.4MM business locations across Canada and we now offer insights into the behaviours of the people occupying them.”

About EQ Works

EQ Works (TSXV: EQ) provides a smarter way to target customers. Using first-party, location-based behaviour signals, advanced data analytics, and proprietary software, EQ creates and targets customized, performance-boosting audience segments. Proprietary algorithms and data generate attribution models that connect consumer behaviour in the physical world to consumer behaviour in the digital world, solving complex challenges for brands and agencies. For more information, visit www.eqworks.com.

About Opta Information Intelligence

Opta Information Intelligence is Canada’s largest aggregator of property risk information and leading provider of property intelligence and innovative technology solutions for insurance and corporate industries. Opta helps you access, understand, and synthesize previously inaccessible information, turning it into intelligence that helps to discover and understand business risks. For more information, visit www.optaintel.ca.

Source: Opta Information Intelligence

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