Top 50 P&C InsurTechs Announced by Strategy Meets Action

Key InsurTechs that are catalysts for insurance transformation

Boston, MA (Apr. 17, 2020) – Strategy Meets Action (SMA), a leading insurance advisory firm, has recently published a new research report, “The Top 50 InsurTechs in P&C.” The report is based on SMA’s extensive research and insights along with our on-going engagement in the InsurTech and insurer transformation spaces over the last decade. The Top 50 are the InsurTechs that have achieved significant success in building impactful and sustainable companies. These companies are catalysts for innovation and change in insurance.​

SMA will be announcing companies selected for the Top 50 InsurTechs by category via a social media campaign over the next few weeks. Watch for the announcements, or purchase the full report here.​

“Many InsurTechs are now far beyond the startup stage and are making significant contributions to the insurance industry. The 50 profiled by SMA are not the only ones having success, but they are having the most impact at this time and have good prospects for growth,” said Mark Breading, SMA Partner.​

The Top 50 List​:

  • Identifies full stack insurers, distribution startups, and technology platforms and solutions. ​
  • Profiles InsurTechs by lines of business, such as personal lines auto, small commercial, workers’ comp, etc.​
  • Categorizes InsurTechs by the functional areas they address, such as distribution, underwriting, and claims. ​
  • Highlights the level of maturity and investments.​

In addition to the Top 50 InsurTechs, the report also highlights the following areas.:

  • Other InsurTechs worthy of consideration includes early-stage companies that show promise, as well as companies that are successful in other countries but are earlier in their evolution in North America. ​
  • Digital brands identifies new ventures launched by incumbent insurers to create a new digital brand.​
  • Successful exits recognizes InsurTech startups from the last decade that were acquired or otherwise involved in successful exits.​
  • SMA’s Call to Action outlines an approach for insurers seeking InsurTech partners. ​

“The InsurTech movement has been a catalyst for innovation and transformation in P&C insurance,” noted SMA founder Deb Smallwood. “It is great to see the real value delivered by these Top 50 companies, as well as other InsurTechs.”

The report is an excellent source for insurers, investors, or those seeking partnerships to identify specific InsurTechs that could be right for their company. ​

The report can be purchased through the SMA website here. ​

Watch for SMA’s announcements of the Top 50 via social media.

For more information, contact Mark Breading, SMA Partner, at [email protected] or 614-562-8310.

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