Young Agents Leveraging Technology To Provide Enhanced Customer Experience

As direct-to-consumer offerings increase, next-generation insurance agents are differentiating themselves with new capabilities in their operations and culture: Novarica

Boston, MA (Apr. 7, 2020) – As the number of direct-to-consumer insurance offerings continues to increase, the next generation of insurance agents must either follow the traditional strategies to market, sell, and service their business, or they must explore new options. In a new report, Young Agent Insights: Marketing, Sales, and Service Capabilities, research and advisory firm Novarica provides insights from discussions with members of 400 Under 40, a community of high-performing insurance producers under the age of 40.

“A majority of younger agents indicate that they are ready to leverage data and services from insurers to improve their marketing, sales, and service experiences,” said Kevin Rall, Vice President of Research and Consulting and author of Novarica’s new report. “But a much smaller segment of agents have actually been successful in changing their behavior and operationalizing their technology capabilities for the good of the customer. Insurers and agents that leverage technology as part of their trusted advisor relationship may end up demonstrating that a technology-fueled relationship itself is the most desired consumer experience.”

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Report Summary

Young, independent insurance agents are finding ways to differentiate themselves in the market by providing enhanced customer experiences through the use of technology.

While insurers often want to support their distribution channel effectively with new capabilities, adoption of emerging technologies by agencies remains low. Successful partnerships between insurers and agents are highly dependent on agents’ willingness to incorporate new capabilities into their day-to-day operations and culture.

This brief explores how the next generation of agents is approaching marketing, sales, and service.

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