Mitchell & Whale shares pandemic FAQs and answers

How will your insurer support you through the coronavirus pandemic?

Toronto, ON (Apr. 3, 2020) – We are in the midst of a pandemic. Canadians, and people around the world, are facing economic, social, and mental health challenges in addition to the health threat posed by the global spread of COVID-19.

Everyone has questions. Those providing services and products – in insurance as in other industries – are making decisions on the fly, often answering questions which may have significant ramifications for both parties.

Since this whole thing started, we’ve been struggling to keep up to date on what various insurers were saying about their responses, with loads of e-circulars, updates, etc. causing a nightmare for our team.

So Mitchell & Whale built a searchable database where brokers (or customers) can easily search for the appropriate answer to their question, e.g., are insurers waiving NSF fees, paying business interruption claims, allowing working from home, etc. The answers are presented for each of a number of insurance companies which M&W represent.

Given we’ve built it, we though it might be helpful for other brokers also struggling to keep up-to-date with this tool.

As the situation is dynamic and fluid, the information is being updated continuously and comes with the expected caveats – but hopefully this will reduce the service load for everyone, and help to allow customers and service representatives to focus on key points.

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