Ecclesiastical Insurance Releases White Paper on Business Implications of COVID-19

Toronto, ON (Mar. 10, 2020) – With Coronavirus spreading through countries far from its origin in China, it is now considered by experts to be at the level of a pandemic.

Ecclesiastical Insurance has published a white paper that examines topics that businesses and organizations in Canada should consider to prepare for a potential outbreak:

The company has also created an accompanying self-assessment checklist that allows organizations to understand their current level of preparedness:

“As a specialist insurer owned by a charitable trust, we seek to be proactive on issues that could impact our customers and our communities,” stated Colin Robertson, Vice President Operations and Risk Control. “While it remains to be seen if the COVID-19 virus will seriously disrupt businesses and organizations in Canada, the principles outlined in the white paper are universal to any disease outbreak. It is crucial for organizations to plan for events such as this so they can minimize the impact.”

The COVID-19 virus is a member of the coronavirus family that emerged late in 2019. The virus appears to have a higher mortality rate than common illnesses such as seasonal flu. The combination of coronavirus’s ability to spread and cause serious illness has prompted many countries, including Canada, to introduce extensive public health measures aimed at containing and limiting the impact of the epidemic.

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