Awywi Launches First Zero Commission Insurance Platform

Surrey, BC (Mar. 6, 2020) – Awywi’s new Insurance Fulfillment Platform takes a bold leap into the future of insurance: Customers can have full-service insurance without paying hefty commissions. Using the latest technology, Awywi breaks down traditional insurance distribution, cutting friction that adds cost, complexity, and service failures.

Customers need a more affordable option for insurance – Any Way You Want It. Independent research also shows customers want more than price comparison but also advice, instant fulfillment, and less complexity.

Using AI and RPA technologies, Awywi and partnering insurers offer customers:

  1. Lowest prices – ALWAYS.
  2. Ability to quote and purchase insurance in real-time from multiple companies.
  3. Insurance matched to the customer’s own risk profile.
  4. Automatically remarketed every year to ensure best product fit and price.
  5. Easy real-time policy changes as required.
  6. 24/7 access to all their insurance needs including personal & commercial lines to travel, health or life with the convenience managing all their insurance products in a personal “policy wallet” including quotes and policies.

“We wanted customers to have the best experience in insurance and found that we could do this without charging commissions,” said Steve Kaukinen, Co-Founder of Awywi.

“We’ve bet our massive investment in technology will pay off with explosive customer growth when they realize the savings they can have with this extraordinary insurance experience,” said Dominik Kaukinen, CIO and Co-Founder.

“By Awywi taking all the development costs and risks, IFP insurers gain the advantages of bleeding edge technology without the risk,” added Steve Kaukinen. “Quality insurers are a key to our success. We are changing the game for a limited number of Insurers who can unlock new segments of customers and experience explosive growth opportunities.”

IFP insurers get advanced features like; intelligent fraud prevention, touchless bespoke document processing, risk profile technology, and industry first (Awywi Only) comparative analytics on quoting and campaign effectiveness.

Insurers can implement IFP without disruption to current operations and reduce policy administration costs better than any other solution. IFP can work for any insurer without regard to current

About Awywi

Based on the latest technology and the idea that the customer has to come first, the Awywi Insurance Fulfillment Platform (IFP) is the very first multi-insurer platform that allows insurers to quote, issue policies, make policy changes all in a fully automated real-time environment. We can significantly lower prices for all insurance products sold and serviced through Awywi by dramatically reducing the cost of distribution – both administration costs and selling commissions. For more information, visit

Source: Awywi Insurance Services Ltd.

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