Rokk3r Insurtech partners with insurance SaaS leader Genasys

Firms will join forces to market innovative InsurTech solutions to new target markets around the world

Miami, FL (Feb. 18, 2020) – Rokk3r, the multinational company cobuilder is pleased to announce that its insurance-technology division, Rokk3r Insurtech, has reached an agreement to partner with insurance Software-as-a-Service provider Genasys to market the company’s services to new target markets.

Rokk3r Insurtech, created in June 2019, has the most complete and advanced ecosystem for insurtechs internationally, with a specific focus on the Americas (i.e. Canada, U.S., and Latin America). Its established presence in those countries enables Rokk3r Insurtech to selectively choose advanced technologies for strategic partnerships through which it can drive exceptional solutions to target markets. Genasys has a unique product that presents a valuable opportunity for insurtechs in the Americas. Rokk3r will leverage its insurtech network, software capabilities, and corporate presence, with offices in Toronto, Miami, New York City, Mexico City, Bogotá, and Guayaquil, Ecuador, to present Genasys and its products to target markets.

“Genasys brings a unique blend of experience in the insurtech space, coupled with deep knowledge of the business and the industry internationally,” said Rokk3r Insurtech Managing Director Hilario Itriago. “Few companies share those characteristics in this nascent space, so it’s thrilling to be uniting the strengths of Genasys with those of Rokk3r.”

“We are extremely proud to partner with Rokk3r Insurtech as we seek to expand our presence beyond our current markets. Hilario and I have always passionately agreed about the importance of eco-systems to truly leverage the power of insurtech, and this partnership is a manifestation of that belief,” said André Symes, Genasys director. “Adding our platform to the overall proposition will make a huge difference when it comes to enabling an insurtech to deliver, administer and improve its offering to whichever market it is targeting whether life, health, motor, home or travel insurance across multiple territories, languages, and currencies.”

Genasys Technologies created a world-leading, comprehensive insurance management system that can be applied to any insurance business, in any currency, language or destination. This is a disruptive and game-changer concept that simplifies and makes more efficient any insurtech operation, in an increasingly complex world.

Alongside its eponymous insurtech division, Rokk3r’s industry-agnostic tech expertise spans numerous sectors, as the company has cobuilt more than 50 companies since Rokk3r was founded in 2012.

About Rokk3r Inc.

Rokk3r (OTC: ROKK) is a company builder headquartered in Miami, Florida, that enables aspiring entrepreneurs and established companies to successfully launch exponential, tech-driven businesses. By leveraging Rokk3r’s global network of engineers, UX designers and technology business strategists, such groundbreaking companies as SoStereo, AdMobilize, and Uniko have been #PoweredByRokk3r. To learn how Rokk3r transforms businesses from traditional to exponential, visit

About Genasys

Established over twenty years ago, the Genasys Technologies Software as a Service proposition provides a world-leading, comprehensive insurance management system that can be applied to any insurance business, in any currency, language or destination. Its product range includes SKi® Platform, SKi® Host, 4Web and 4Insure. Headquartered in Johannesburg, the business employs over 100 people and currently manages a gross written premium of over R12 billion. Genasys opened its first international office in London last year and aims to shake up the provision of software solutions to the UK insurance industry. For more information, please visit

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