Mitchell & Whale simplifies commercial quoting with new business CRM

A 2020 ICTA nomination

Toronto, ON (Jan. 27, 2020) – Commercial insurance is extremely complex, even for the smallest of policies.  Brokers need to take multiple touches on every new client opportunity to gather information about the client, find and complete the right application, send to insurers, track responses and manage customer expectations through the process.

From a customer perspective this can be an awful experience.  In some cases your broker will be able to provide a quote fairly quickly from their favourite insurer portal.  In other cases, you have to wait days or even weeks to find out how much your insurance will cost and with what terms.

At Mitchell & Whale, we thought that really sucked and questioned why Commercial insurance brokers had to work in the dark ages and couldn’t easily fulfil the most basic elements of broking for our clients.  In answer, we set out to solve this problem by developing Quotey McQuoteface (Quotey) – a broker-facing platform designed to dramatically change the dynamics of small business insurance from a customer, broker and insurer standpoint.

In essence, Quotey is a new business CRM which enables our brokers to dynamically capture the right information from our prospects in one phone call, identify insurers with the right appetites and products to match and make the connection to the insurer with a smart application.  All the while, collecting data and information to enable us to be continually smarter in asking the right questions and matching with the right insurers.

Many of these features are the first of their kind in Canada and are helping Mitchell & Whale transform the cycle time for selling small business insurance, while providing the client with an added level of confidence around their purchase.  They also help insurers to receive a better quality of submissions that are more likely to fit their appetite.

Business Impact

Quotey has enabled us to substantially reduce the number of broker touches in order to receive competitive quotes from insurers.  Through smarter question sets we are more often able to capture all (underwriter) relevant information in the first call – avoiding instances of follow-up underwriter questions which require further contact with the client.

In addition, through continually mapping each insurer’s appetite to specific client verticals and attributes, it is much easier to identify relevant insurers – avoid wasting broker and insurer time and passing these time savings onto the client.  This application also comes in very handy in the current marketplace when insurers are coming off risk and brokers want to find a new insurer (or MGA) that is likely to help.

About Mitchell & Whale

Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers is making insurance not suck for thousands of Canadians, offering straight talk about how insurance works, world-class service, and competitive quotes from our roster of 40+ insurers, meaning you’re more likely to find the right coverage at the right price. In ten years, the business has grown from a small family brokerage serving the GTA, to an online powerhouse, serving clients across Canada. Our strengths are our passion for innovation, and our people-focused culture. Together, they make M&W the best place to work in the GTA, and the best brokerage in Canada. For more information, visit

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