Apollo Exchange partners with MIG Insurance to offer digital insurance tools

Toronto, ON (Jan. 23, 2020) – Apollo Exchange is excited to announce a new partnership with MIG Insurance to enable a digital insurance buying experience in line with modern consumer expectations.

Through this partnership, MIG is able to provide an eCommerce launchpad that clients can access 24/7 through the brokerage website. The launchpad is an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, which offers a wide range of small business insurance products, with more to come. Clients are also able to pay monthly off their credit or debit card for every insurance product.

The Apollo Exchange also provides MIG’s brokers with a portal that allows them to browse and transact insurance business instantly. By streamlining paperwork and repetitive data-entry, they can spend more time building relationships and targeting new business.

“While self-service is an attractive option for many consumers, we firmly believe in the value brokers bring to the insurance purchasing process, and that’s reflected in the flexibility of Apollo Exchange technology,” says Apollo Business Development Manager Josh Pillsbury. “MIG takes pride in their hard-earned reputation for providing the care and attention their clients expect. Apollo will enable them to build even further on that reputation.”

“MIG is committed to innovation both externally and internally, with the goal to delight consumers in the insurance purchasing experience. The decision to partner with tech providers is always based on how the given technology will help further deliver on our mission of buyer friendly insurance,” says Davis Gilbert, Director of Strategy and Innovation at MIG. “With Apollo, we are able to quote, bind, and issue policy documents for commercial clients in real time. That gives our brokers more time to focus on building relationships. We have been selling insurance products online for years, but to have a platform like Apollo enabling the sale of our commercial products online — along with the robust analytics and reporting capabilities on the back-end — is a game changer.”

While many brokerages today are claiming to be digital, very few can boast immediate binding and policy issuance.

The Apollo partnership ensures that feedback taken from MIG brokers is implemented in meaningful ways, directly improving both the technology platform and the insurance products themselves, for mutual success.

We are looking forward to a modern, forward-thinking insurance buying process that will make consumers’ lives easier.

About the Apollo Exchange

The Apollo Exchange (legal name “Apollo Insurance Solutions Ltd.”) is Canada’s largest online insurance marketplace. The Exchange offers brokers a way to transact insurance online and in real time. Apollo works with carriers to digitize insurance products, giving them valuable insights from data that has traditionally been locked away in paper-based processes. Brokerages integrated with the Exchange are able to respond to the changing expectations of buyers and forward-thinking employees.

For more information, visit apollocover.com.

About MIG

MIG is here to make insurance better for Western Canadians. We decided we were going to do things differently by focusing more on customers. We talked to people, listened and gathered information. In the end we knew we needed to redefine the role of the insurance broker. Instead of being a middle-man who just sells insurance we have made it our goal to give people the knowledge and tools to make buying insurance simpler and easier. Our mission is to create a world where insurance is bought, not sold. For more information, please visit www.miginsurance.ca.

Source: Apollo Insurance Solutions Ltd.

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