Crawford streamlines auto claims with self-service app

A 2020 ICTA nomination

Toronto, ON (Jan. 20, 2020) – In 2019 Crawford launched the YouGoLook self-service app that makes it easy for customers, employees, and anyone else to submit their own photographs related to their insurance claim. Crawford’s Vehicle Services team leveraged the technology to accelerate the industry shift from field-based appraisals of damaged automobiles to desk-based appraisals.

When a new appraisal request is received, the team at Crawford Vehicle Services will deploy the self-service app to the policyholder to help document the damages to the vehicle. Once installed, the application will guide the policyholder through a customized workflow with on screen tips and sample images. One the required photographs, videos and notes are captured they are uploaded directly to Crawford’s desk appraisal unit. From there the damages to the automobile are reviewed and an estimate of repairs is completed and returned to the adjuster for further handling.

The YouGoLook app offers several advantages over simply emailing policyholder supplied photos to the appraiser – meta-data collected in the app authenticates the time and location where photos were taken to help mitigate any fraudulent submissions. Additionally the easy to use interface helps the policyholder capture clear and detailed photos that are sufficient for the appraiser to complete the appraisal.

Business Impact

The biggest impact of this technology is speed, which translates into cost savings for the insurance carriers. Centralizing the skilled automobile in one location helps save the appraisers time as their full day is spent completing appraisals instead of travelling to the vehicles to be appraised – this has reduced the turnaround time to complete an appraisal by 60% which allows repairs to start sooner and rental costs for replacement automobiles to be lower. Crawford has estimated the potential savings to be up to $275 per loss.

About Crawford®

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