Aviva improves auto claims process with new analytics tool

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Toronto, ON (Jan. 20, 2020) – Our customers have continuously told us that Auto claims took too long to settle and involved too much effort from their perspective. Customers told us they were unsure what the next steps would be and what they needed to do.

In 2019, Aviva continued to invest in innovating its Auto claim process, with a particular focus on improving the customer experience based on this feedback.

Our customers told us that one of the most stressful aspects of making a claim is dealing with the uncertainty associated with whether or not their vehicle will be repaired. It used to take upwards of 15 days before a decision is made leaving us in a position where we are unable to get that customer back to normal, causing them further stress, inconvenience and increasing the cost of the claim

Our adjusters told us the process to get a confident decision that a vehicle is repairable or deemed a total loss is too complex. Further, they have advised us that the customer is often caught in up in these delays, leading to dissatisfaction and complaints.

We listened to the feedback from our customers and adjusters, and set out on the journey to help them make quicker and more confident decisions. In June 2019, Aviva deployed a new Vehicle Remedy Tool at First Notice of Loss, which incorporates real-time predictive analytics right into the auto claim setup process. The tool, integrated directly into the Claim Wizard of Aviva’s Guidewire ClaimCenter system, provides adjusters with an instant (~5 sec) and accurate repair prediction, before an appraisal has even been completed.

This helps to simplify the decision for our adjusters, and by using data helps to provide certainty for our customers about expected outcomes of their claim. Adjusters are able to confirm for our customers right at the first notice of loss whether the vehicle needs to be repaired or replaced, and allows the adjuster to proceed with settlement if the vehicle is deemed a total loss on that first call. This helps to reduce the Customer effort, reduce the customer lifecycle, and reduce the internal effort within Aviva.

Speeding up the notification of new claims and getting customers repairs / replacements moving faster are key to Aviva’s customer-centric claims strategy, and as such, early identification of total loss vehicles offers tremendous opportunity to streamline the rental, salvage, valuation, and settlement processes with customers, while avoiding the delays typically associated with towing and scheduling of appraisals. The additional incorporation of e-Signature technology, allowing customers to sign the required Proof of Loss documents digitally, has also brought acceleration and ease of use to the end-to-end claim process. The total loss technology not only benefits those customers that need a replacement vehicle but also those being repaired. The tool prevents non-repairable vehicles being sent to repair shops, clogging up the process and slowing repair cycle times.

The real-time analytic service was designed and built internally as a callable data science API within Aviva’s technology environment, and is currently enabled for all Personal Lines auto claims in Ontario. Further expansion across the country (Quebec and Atlantic) is expected by the end of 2020.

Business Impact

The Remedy tool has delivered staggeringly positive results for our customers in 2019.

Customer cycle time on Total Losses (the time from customer notification to customer paid) has been reduced by 59% . Rental days are on average down by 52%, while storage days are on average down by 56%.

Our Adjusters are now able to set realistic expectations with customers regarding the next steps on their claims, often settling on the first call, which wasn’t possible before. Due to the reduction in cycle time we are also receiving greater salvage returns.

At Aviva, we understand what matters to our customers by asking them to complete NPS surveys 28 days after notification of their claim. Prior to the tool customers were increasingly frustrated by the total loss process but since using the tool we have seen a phenomenal improvement in customer NPS. All based on tackling a problem based on what our Customers told us needed to be improved.

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