Mitchell & Whale Benefits From In-House Lead Management System

A 2020 ICTA nomination

Toronto, ON (Jan. 13, 2020) – Goliath is an in-house lead management system that M&W has been using since December 2018. Prior to Goliath, we used an out-of-the-box lead management tool. Goliath takes all of our web, phone, email and text leads and distributes and manages them for our sales team for follow-up. It is integrated with our phone and email systems so that contacts are tracked, and additional follow-up is scheduled if required and all the contact points are automated.

The tool is indispensable in terms of managing our brokers’ time. Each broker has his/her own dashboard that prompts the broker to contact leads at pre-determined intervals that are based on best practices and our own experience. Nothing is left to chance. When it’s time to contact a lead, that lead will jump to the top of the broker’s list. The leads are prioritized and distributed in the order and to the people that have the highest probability to close and that algorhythm is perpetually being tweaked and updated for changes.

Also, for leads that don’t close right away, Goliath initiates an email drip campaign that reaches out on a predetermined schedule with emails designed specifically to prompt the prospect to request a call back. When that happens, all the broker has to do is click to dial. The system follows a precise schedule of texts, calls and emails to achieve the highest possible contact rate of the leads to maximize closed business.

Clients that we want to have but weren’t successful in landing the first year move to a nurture status. For prospects in “nurture” status, Goliath schedules a similar email drip campaign for 11 months after the lead first came into the system. These emails are designed to stimulate the prospect to contact us again a year later, giving us a second opportunity to close the lead.

With one click, all of the above can be done via text as well.

Goliath works with other systems to produce a number of standard reports that track close rates by broker and a number of other metrics. One of the big benefits of the system is its ability to easily integrate with other systems to produce much richer, more customizable reporting that is probably more vital in the insurance sector than most other industries. We are not only able to track closing rates by broker and lead type, we can also cross-reference by premium and by key customer metrics like claims, retention and number of policy changes. Unlike in other industries, these factors help determine whether a given customer is the right kind of customer, and allow us to tailor our campaigns to attract the most desirable customers.

Out-of-the-box lead management systems require extensive customization before they can be used in the insurance broker context. As the best lead management system developed specifically for use by insurance brokers, Goliath is ready to go for any broker that needs it, and in fact it’s already in demand across the industry, as the only system with integrated dialer, text, email and dashboarding to Microsoft Power BI.

Business Impact

There are significant benefits to controlling your own lead management software:

  • Reduced software spend by 60‐90k annually while doubling number of users;
  • Customized Goliath for commercial business to get line‐of‐sight to process and closing rate and cost per sale where it hadn’t been;
  • Each broker gets personalized dashboard with 60+ data points to pinpoint areas for self-improvement;
  • Team dashboard for transparency and consistency of team goals;
  • Increased closing rate for rookies (up by 20% on average);
  • Able to feed lead sources, closing and contact rates into AI engine for first‐ever black box for a broker, co‐relating more factors in our contact and closing strategy than a person ever could;
  • Able to run completely new level of business intelligence tool in Microsoft Power BI as we’re in complete control of our data;
  • Able to build automatic cross‐sell tools over this system data;
  • Reduced average cost per acquisition by over 25%;
  • Potential to license to other brokers.

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