Sonnet Launches Group Insurance

Deloitte signs on to offer employees simplified home and auto protection

Toronto, ON (Dec. 17, 2019) – Sonnet Insurance, Canada’s digital home and auto insurance company, is expanding its simplified insurance experience for Canadians through a new Group Insurance offering. Sonnet has already signed on Deloitte to offer a group discount to its employees across Canada in the near future.

Through the Sonnet Group Insurance offering, employees of participating companies will be provided with insurance at a discounted rate. The Sonnet experience makes it easy for employers to include home and auto insurance as part of a compelling compensation package. Home and auto insurance are meaningful parts of a healthy financial wellness portfolio, bringing peace of mind by protecting people from the unexpected. In partnering with Sonnet, employers also gain access to Sonnet Connect, a network of like-minded brands whose special offers across financial services further contribute to financial wellness.

“Customers value the simplicity of Sonnet, which helps Canadians to insure their home and car in as little as five minutes, entirely online,” said Eric Marion, VP, Group Insurance at Sonnet. “We’re excited to bring this innovative home and auto insurance program to employers who are looking to build employee engagement through supportive and convenient self-service financial wellness options.”

Employees and companies both stand to benefit from what Sonnet and its Sonnet Connect brands add to an integrated financial wellness solution for employees – an important part of compensation packages. Employees who identify as financially stressed take 75 per cent more absent days,[1] are five times more likely to be distracted at work,[2] and nearly half will spend more than three hours per week dealing with financial issues.[3] Sonnet Group Insurance harnesses sophisticated technology with back-end tracking that monitors engagement with linked financial products. Working with employers, Sonnet can provide relevant insights and contribute to larger strategies to drive employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Deloitte has signed on as one of the first Sonnet Group Insurance participants. This extends the strong history between Sonnet and Deloitte, who helped build the experience more than three years ago and continues to enhance the platform. Award wins resulting from the creation of Sonnet include the Guidewire Innovation Award and the Technology Award.

“We’re excited to bring Sonnet’s new Group Insurance offering to Deloitte’s 13,000 employees across Canada,” said Adam Burke, Deloitte, Partner and Vice Chair. “We are confident that our employees will benefit from the exceptionally simple experience.”

“We have spent years working with Deloitte to develop an innovative, self-driven platform that consistently provides best-in-class customer service,” added Roger Dunbar, SVP, Sonnet. “We are pleased that they have chosen to join us as one of the first participants in our new group insurance offering.”

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