INNOTECH Advisory Committee Maps Out Path Forward at its First Working Group Session

Toronto, ON (Nov. 21, 2019) – CSIO is pleased to announce that the INNOTECH Advisory Committee had its first full day working session on November 15. The purpose of the working session was to identify and agree on major operational issues and challenges, and identify an initial high-level list of solutions to investigate further that may bring benefits to the industry as a whole. With representatives from both brokers and insurers, the committee looked at pain points in the underwriting, claims and servicing journeys, and focused the discussion on Personal Lines Auto and Habitational business.

Launched in August 2019, the INNOTECH Advisory Committee was formed to evaluate the application of new and emerging technology and digital innovation in the P&C insurance industry and to identify potential implementation opportunities believed to have the highest likelihood of success and the broadest benefits to the industry.

The Advisory Committee’s next meeting, scheduled for early January, will build on the foundational work achieved in the first working group meeting by continuing to discuss and explore potential digital operations solutions that would eliminate the key issues and pain points identified.

“It was great to hear the different perspectives and common pain points from the other stakeholders in the room,” says Christopher O’Sullivan, Vice President, Strategy, Architecture & Engineering, Aviva Canada. “I’m very optimistic about the work the committee is undertaking. There were excellent ideas discussed and this collaborative committee environment presents an opportunity to identify digital solutions that will bring efficiency and resolution to some of these efficiency roadblocks.”

“It’s great when the industry can get together and create movement towards solving common issues and inefficiencies,” says Jeff Roy, President of Excalibur Insurance. “Ultimately we’re all here to provide better customer service and I think we’re on the right path to doing so.”

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SOURCE: Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO)

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