IPG Expands TPA Offering Across North America

Acquisitions expand Brokerlink’s presence in Calgary and Toronto regions

Chicago, IL (Sept. 30, 2019) – SCM Insurance Services, a leading North American provider of insurance and risk management services, has announced the continued expansion and enhancement of its Third-Party Administrator (TPA) offering under International Programs Group (IPG). IPG is Canada’s leading provider of TPA solutions, and by bringing together two premier U.S. TPAs – Affirmative Risk Management (ARM) and Claims Management Inc. (CMI) – IPG becomes the preeminent provider of TPA services in North America, with superior technology through iAdjust, and a comprehensive suite of solutions.

“This is a great opportunity for our clients, and we look forward to expanding our service as a result of this alignment,” said David Elliott, Managing Director in the U.S. He continues, “We are pleased to offer services in the United States to complement operations in Canada.” IPG in Canada will continue to be led by Patrick Scott, Managing Director.

Mike Grubbs, Vice President of Business Development for IPG continues, “Both ARM and CMI have industry-leading teams of experts. Now a consolidated IPG can offer our clients the best combined roster of talent in the business.”

“We’ve brought two strong firms together because our clients have asked for it,” said Scott Goodreau, SCM’s Chief Operating Officer, U.S. “Over the past year we have invested heavily in our systems to provide a unique value proposition. Our London and U.S. partners benefit from our meaningful, real-time information in easy to use dashboards. Combined with our deep specialty claims expertise, we allow our clients to better manage their business. We can now provide services in both U.S. and Canadian markets to offer an integrated North American solution.”

As part of IPG, both CMI and ARM will maintain their respective branch locations, highly trained staff, leadership teams, and service offerings.

About International Programs Group

International Programs Group (IPG) is a third-party administration firm providing claims services for Lloyd’s of London, domestic insurers, self-insured entities, and other organizations. Our clients’ interests are looked after by a team of professionals who understand the expertise, systems, management information, data, and skillsets required in this industry to provide the highest quality TPA services. Visit ipgclaims.com for more information.

About SCM Insurance Services

SCM Insurance Services has been supporting the insurance and risk management community for more than 30 years with over 200 locations and over 3,000 employees providing claims adjusting, third-party administration (TPA), risk management, investigative, surveillance, risk mitigation, medical services, forensic services (accounting/engineering), and risk intelligence. SCM has distinguished itself through innovative technology, expert staff, and solid customer service. The SCM Insurance Services Group of Companies includes ClaimsPro, International Programs Group (IPG), Xpera Risk Mitigation & Investigation, Cira Health Solutions, Pario Engineering & Environmental Sciences, Opta Information Intelligence, and Pario Forensic Accounting. Visit www.scminsuranceservices.com for more information.

Source: SCM Insurance Services