New York Life Ventures whitepaper highlights profound impacts LifeTech promises for future of life insurance industry

New York, NY (Sept. 24, 2019) – New York Life Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of New York Life, has released a new whitepaper that dives deeper into the implications of LifeTech for the future of the life insurance sector.

LifeTech – an emerging start-up ecosystem distinctly different from the prevailing InsurTech landscape – features technologies that address the specific challenges faced by life insurance companies and was first coined by New York Life Ventures in 2018. Since then, as the whitepaper notes, start-up founders and investors have ramped up their focus on empowering incumbent insurance companies.

According to Joel Albarella, head of New York Life Ventures, “The value at the intersection of technology and life insurance has yet to be fully realized and the start-ups with the most promise are often new to the insurance industry; herein lies the embedded potential of this growing LifeTech ecosystem.”

The whitepaper explains that LifeTech includes both enabling and adjacent technologies. Enabling start-ups are those that directly support existing value chains within the industry while adjacent ones deliver technologies whose offerings may become complementary to life insurance companies over time. In both cases, a key theme for the New York Life Ventures team is effectively combining the power of humans and technology to deliver exponentially more value than choosing one over the other.

Case studies of New York Life Ventures portfolio company Carrot, a start-up at the forefront of the digital health and wellness space, and portfolio company Trifacta, a leader in the data wrangling space, appear in the whitepaper as well. New York Life Ventures’ newest portfolio addition, Cogito, is another enabling start-up by delivering real-time emotional intelligence solutions for humans to act on.

“There is a massive opportunity to create value in the life insurance industry and profoundly impact the space’s future by connecting with start-ups operating both inside and outside the sector,” added Albarella. “This has been New York Life Ventures’ focus since our 2012 founding and we continue to derive value from this approach.”

New York Life Ventures’ whitepaper is available here: Emerging LifeTech ecosystem promises profound impacts on life insurance (PDF)

About New York Life Ventures

Since 2012, New York Life Ventures has connected the strength of New York Life with the speed and agility of the start-up community. In relentlessly seeking new technologies that will power the future of New York Life’s life insurance, long-term care insurance, annuities, and asset management businesses, the team utilizes a strategic testing and investing approach that has a proven track record of driving opportunity and growth for start-ups and the ongoing evolution of New York Life. With a fully staffed research and development lab, New York Life Ventures enables a build capability for New York Life and, with its Innovation Services unit, fosters a network of innovation internally at the company.

SOURCE: New York Life

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