Outdoorsy now covers towable and drivable vehicles in BC

Vancouver, BC (Sept. 16, 2019) – As a thriving global online marketplace, Outdoorsy is constantly working to meet the demands of Canada’s modern travellers who want more than the current standard travel options, which includes hassle-free insurance protection and international RV availability.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)’s new insurance for vehicle-sharing and peer-to-peer vehicle rental services (P2P*) became available on September 16, 2019, which will positively impact local Outdoorsy owners and renters.

  • The new blanket insurance product will allow peer-to-peer rental companies, like Outdoorsy, to purchase coverage on behalf of their customers.
  • The blanket certificate will use a per day insurance price with the pricing based on current territory mapping (determined by the pick-up location of the rented vehicle).
  • The territory will be determined by the pick-up location of the rented vehicle. The vehicle type (e.g., motor vehicle, trailer, motorhome, or motorcycle) will also affect the per day price.

Beginning September 16th, Outdoorsy will now be able to insure towable and drivable vehicles on its network throughout BC, which will allow more options to renters and new forms of insurance for owners.

  • With Outdoorsy, renters and owners in BC can be confident that drivable vehicle options will now be insured through the brand so that more vacations can be made possible for the Outdoorsy network.
  • As further protection to Outdoorsy customers, daily pricing will be enacted for both towable and drivable vehicles that may begin up to two hours before the rental agreement begins and ends up to two hours after the vehicle is dropped off.

For the BC market, Outdoorsy sees this new insurance offering as an opportunity for further brand growth in the Canadian market.

  • With turn-key insurance solutions, more owners will have the opportunity to list and rent their RVs through Outdoorsy. With more RVs on the platform, renters will have more options to choose from for their vacation experience, driving the growth of booked trips through Outdoorsy.
  • Over the past three years, Outdoorsy has seen a 400-per-cent increase in bookings and we expect this trend to continue with additional insured vehicles now available.

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SOURCE: Outdoorsy

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