IBC Supports Ontario Government’s Innovative Approach to Electronic Pink Slips

Toronto, ON (Sept. 5, 2019) – Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) welcomes news that the Ontario government is answering a call from drivers to make the consumer insurance experience easier and more convenient. Currently in Ontario, the paper pink slip is the standard proof of insurance and drivers are required to carry a paper version of that document. Today’s announcement brings the convenience of electronic proof of auto insurance to Ontario drivers, enabling them to show their pink slip on electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets. The Government will begin allowing drivers to use electronic pink slips as proof of insurance, effective immediately.

“Ontario’s auto insurers welcome the government’s decision to allow electronic proof of insurance for Ontario drivers. Being able to provide digital documents to today’s tech-savvy consumer is a baseline expectation of service we are thrilled to now be able to provide. This marks another step is making insurance easier and more accessible for Ontarians. We look forward to working with this government to bring more choice and innovation to the market,” said Kim Donaldson, Vice-President, Ontario, Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Ontario joins a handful of other Canadian provinces allowing drivers to show electronic proof of insurance on devices such as their smartphones. Most U.S. states also allow digital proof of insurance, and we anticipate more provinces will follow suit in the near future. This change improves the auto insurance experience for consumers.

Donaldson added, “This is an excellent step and shows that this government is clearly committed to cutting red tape for the benefit of Ontarians. We look forward to working with the government on other measures that will improve the auto insurance system for drivers.”

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Source: Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC)

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