Swyfft Partners with Sheltr to Bring Proactive Home Maintenance To Customers

Seamless mobile app experience provides proactive and preventative home maintenance solution to make home maintenance effortless

San Francisco, CA (Aug. 27, 2019) — Swyfft, an insurance service provider that uses artificial intelligence to save customers and agents time and money, has announced it is partnering with Sheltr, the subscription app that helps homeowners proactively care for their homes to catch and mitigate issues before they become costly repairs.

This partnership will provide select Swyfft customers in the Bay Area and Houston markets with Comprehensive Home Care which includes bi-annual home maintenance check-ups and the ability to book home maintenance services on-demand through Sheltr’s app.

There are 79 million owner-occupied homes in the U.S. and 22 million of those homeowners experience an unanticipated home repair each year. Thus, modern insurance carriers such as Swyfft realize the value in moving beyond traditional models and are offering customers value-add, risk-mitigating services like preventative home maintenance.

“Today’s consumers expect high-quality services to be delivered at the touch of a button. This includes homeowners buying insurance and agents selling it. But the Swyfft experience is more than fast quoting,” said Sean Maher, CEO of Swyfft. “It’s about relationships and providing unique services that benefit our customers and agent. We’re excited to partner with another innovative program like Sheltr who can make preventative risk services seamless for all.”

Sheltr makes home maintenance effortless through twice-annual home check-ups that are like a physical for your house. Sheltr helps identify potential issues and mitigate them before they become costly repairs or claims. When work needs to be done, Sheltr provides seamless scheduling with top providers, making it easy to get repairs done on time and on budget.

“We’re excited to work with a modern insurance carrier like Swyfft who is a leading innovator in the traditionally slow to change homeowner’s insurance industry,” says Andrew Wynn CEO & Co-Founder at Sheltr. “Sheltr is changing the way insurers interact with their customers by allowing them to provide preventative loss and protection services – a win-win for both insurer and their customer. This new dynamic goes beyond the outdated transactional relationship and puts high-quality services at the center of the relationship.”

About Swyfft

Swyfft uses patented analytical methods and unique data sources to more accurately assess risks to homes and property. In most cases, this enables Swyfft to provide an insurance quote and policy in a few seconds using only a property address. Swyfft’s technology driven platform simplifies the insurance buying process, providing a better user experience for homeowners and the independent agents that sell Swyfft policies. Furthermore, by employing more sophisticated underwriting techniques and risk assessment, Swyfft is able to deliver a more accurate premium. Swyfft currently serves customers in Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Texas. Visit www.swyfft.com for more information.

About Sheltr

Sheltr is a comprehensive home maintenance solution. The app makes home maintenance effortless through a subscription service that help homeowners proactively care for their homes to catch and mitigate issues before they become costly repairs. The subscription model uses a vetted contractor network and technology to provide proactive and preventative maintenance to reduce instances of costly repair and makes booking services simple. Sheltr helps partners deliver better customer experiences, provides new revenue sources, and reduces operating losses & inefficiencies. For a full list of services and more information, please visit www.getsheltr.com.

Source: Sheltr

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