Porsche expands subscription offer in US and Canada

Mileage-based insurance option now offered to Porsche drivers in Illinois and Oregon

Atlanta, GA (Aug. 29, 2019) – Porsche is expanding its “Porsche Passport” vehicle subscription model and “Porsche Drive” premium car rental service. Following the launch in Atlanta, these services will be offered in four new cities from September 2019: Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego and Toronto.

The pilot project in Atlanta, which has been run by Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) since the end of 2017, will be taken over by the two dealers in Atlanta from now on.

“Why is Porsche creating new mobility models? Because consumers increasingly want more flexibility, more individual choice, and to have this on their mobile devices. We want these consumers to have the same superb level of Porsche experience that we provide for our customers who buy or lease,” says Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of PCNA.

Unlimited flips between vehicles and flexible usage periods

With “Porsche Passport”, customers can change their vehicle as required using an app, with up to 20 models to choose from. Clutch Technologies LLC was already involved in the pilot project and will continue to manage the technology platform of the programme. Going forward, Porsche dealers will be responsible for all services and the customer experience outside the digital world. Clutch will be taking over the role of digital concierge.

The “Porsche Drive” premium vehicle rental service offers customers the opportunity to hire current Porsche vehicles from all six model series – for a few hours, by the day or for a week. There is also a service for the delivery and collection of the car. Expanding the initiative over four more cities means that the range of services on offer will increase significantly.

Increasingly popular: mobility services

By expanding its worldwide range of mobility services, Porsche is responding to changing customer preferences and the trend towards digital and individual choice. This includes the sports car manufacturer making vehicles available for shorter periods of time. In addition to “Passport” and “Drive”, Porsche has launched the pilot for “Porsche Host” in the US together with car sharing platform provider Turo. In Germany, “Porsche InFlow” is an offering allowing short-term and flexible use of used vehicles.

Visit www.PorscheAutoInsurance.com for more information.

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SOURCE: Porsche Financial Services, Inc.

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