Professional Liability package for private investigators launched on the Apollo Exchange

Toronto, ON (Aug. 29, 2019) – Apollo Insurance Solutions Ltd. is pleased to announce that through partnership with Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company, it now offers the Professional Liability package for private investigators through the Apollo Exchange. Like all products featured on the Exchange, brokers can quote, bind, and issue policy documents for their private investigator clients online and in real-time.

This is a multi-line package, which includes Professional Liability, General Liability, Contents & Assets, and Legal Phone Line coverage.

Apollo partnered with Trisura to offer many small business packages that brokers are able to purchase on behalf of their clients directly from the Exchange.

The entire process, from quoting, binding coverage, and issuing policy documents is immediate,  completely online, and paper free. Some of the other many industry classes that are available include:

  • Accountants
  • Consultants
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Nonprofits
  • Health and Fitness Professionals
  • Barbers and Hair Stylists

“Apollo’s mission to empower the broker channel is realized through partnerships like this one with Trisura,” says Apollo CEO Jeff McCann. “With the addition of this industry class, our broker users can spend less time on paperwork and more time building relationships.”

Trisura is one of several carriers that offer their products on the Apollo Exchange.

Apollo Exchange not only gives brokers more access to products, it also offers a new distribution channel and access to data for insurance carriers who partner with the Exchange.

“We are more than just technology or distribution with our insurer partners — we are consultants who provide insights into the performance of their products that insurers have never had before,” says McCann.

Where traditionally, application data has been locked in outdated PDF application forms, Apollo Exchange is able to collect, analyze, and report data insights back to insurers. That data can be used to optimize more accurate risk rating and pricing.

“It is important for us to adapt to changing expectations of buyers and the next generation workforce,” says McCann.

About Apollo Insurance Solutions

Apollo is Canada’s largest online insurance marketplace. Through the Apollo Exchange, brokers can quote, bind, and issue policy documents for hundreds of classes of small businesses from Canada’s leading carriers. Brokerages are also able to white label the Exchange and sell directly from their brokerage website.

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About Trisura

Trisura Group is an international specialty insurance provider operating in surety, risk solutions, corporate insurance and reinsurance, and is trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: TSU). Trisura Group has three principal regulated subsidiaries:

Source: Apollo Insurance

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