Breathe Life Introduces Advisor Experience for Insurance Carriers to Empower Agents With Powerful Tools to Attract, Acquire, and Retain Clients

Consumer-focused advisor experience unifies data silos, unconnected applications, and disparate client data to dramatically improve the customer experience

Québec, QC (Aug. 14, 2019) – Breathe Life, a provider of consumer-centric digital transformation solutions for the insurance industry, has introduced the Advisor Experience portion of its end-to-end platform for insurance distributors to modernize the way personal insurance is bought and sold. The Breathe Life platform provides a unified experience and data model for insurance companies to empower agents from the back-end Advisor Experience to the front-end Consumer Experience.

The Breathe Life Advisor Experience is specifically designed for insurance carriers who want to provide their financial advisors and clients with a great digital and omnichannel experience. La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services is the first carrier to implement the solution.

“We believe that Breathe Life’s dynamism and agility will enable La Capitale to fulfill the promise it has made to its partners, namely that it is fast and easy to do business with La Capitale,” noted Martin Delage, Executive Vice-President of Individual Insurance and Financial Services for La Capitale.

Financial advisors continue to play an integral role in insurance distribution and client satisfaction. According to a report by research firm LIMRA,[1] having “a personal relationship with an agent or advisor is highly valued and not going away,” but “the nature of that relationship is changing, incorporating a digital element.” The report also notes that “technology is vital for advisors to be successful.”

“Advisors are on the front line with clients who have come to expect a highly personalized, real-time purchasing experience,” said Ian Jeffrey, Co-Founder and CEO of Breathe Life. “Carriers that are committed to providing the best possible experience for both customers and advisors need to empower their financial advisors with modern, consumer-centric solutions.”

Breathe Life Introduces Advisor Experience

The Breathe Life Advisor Experience delivers a cost-effective solution for carriers to help advisors sell products online, add value, and improve the digital experience of their clients:’

  • Digital transformation: unify data silos, advisor applications and client data so it seamlessly carries over from quote to application to contract and upselling.
  • Reduce IT and operational costs: hit the ground running and quickly implement a more efficient distribution strategy at a fraction of the time and cost of building a digital solution from scratch.
  • Accelerate the path to new markets: custom-branded digital solutions empower advisors, speed time-to-revenue, and uncover new market opportunities.

The AdvisorExperience features a suite of services that enables advisors to complete and manage applications digitally throughout the insurance transaction lifecycle:

  • A white-label carrier solution for advisors featuring a broad set of services for secure client management.
  • Digital application with instant decision makes it easy for advisors to complete, manage, and submit applications online and receive a decision at the point of sale.
  • Advanced analytics to inform and improve the sales process to increase pipeline development and uncover new market opportunities.
  • Product insights to make data-driven decisions about product offerings.

For more information about the Breathe Life platform and Advisor experience, please reach out to [email protected].


1. LIMRA: Consumer Expectations Driving Advisors to Rely More on Digital Tools (June 26, 2019).

About Breathe Life

The Breathe Life vision is to bring financial security to millions of people, whoever and wherever they are by transforming the way individual insurance is bought and sold today. Breathe Life has built a digital transformation platform that delivers a modern, customer-centric experience with tools and analytics that are reshaping the insurance industry and driving business growth. Breathe Life is venture backed by Diagram Ventures, Real Ventures and a variety of angel investors.

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SOURCE: La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services

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