Are You a Member of a Group? Capture Your Insurance Advantage

Toronto, ON (July 26, 2019) – We are all individuals, with our own unique characteristics. And with very few exceptions, each of us is also a member of several groups.

What is a group? In terms of categorizing human beings, it is “a number of people who are classified together on the basis of certain shared characteristics; each of a number of categories or divisions of people within a larger set or population,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Even the more rudimentary meaning – as when we refer to “the group standing in the hall” – is defined as “a number of people positioned close together so as to form a collective unity” (emphasis added).

Individually, one might be a member of a residential or community group, one of the employees of a company, a student or alumnus of a college or university. By trade or occupation, we could be a member of a union or of any number of professional groups.

You could already be a member of several groups. In fact, you almost certainly are.

Members of a group share at least one common characteristic – networking, skills enhancement, interests, etc. Members can also share in any benefits that accrue: for example, due to its size – its buying power – the group might be able to arrange special terms and conditions for a variety of products and services.

Insurance: A Common Need

We each have a responsibility to ourselves, to our family and to our community to develop our financial well-being and to be mindful of others.

Insurance plays a significant role in this respect.

Society has mandated it in certain cases, such as auto insurance. Business demands it to protect the loan we have taken to buy a car or a mortgage for our home. If we are prudent, we buy insurance for our own property – a camera, household goods, equipment – in case our belongings are destroyed, lost or stolen.

What about insurance for groups?

The Value of a Group

Given that we need insurance, it makes sense to buy good insurance – and to do so at a low cost, if possible. The purchasing power of a group in negotiating for group insurance coverage brings both quality and savings.

Your Insurance

Are you properly insured? It seems even more important today, with the emergence and proliferation of (more) highly visible risks all around, including privacy, cyber, climate change, wildfire, and flooding, to name just a few heavyweights.

And don’t forget the classic, perennial threats to your property – fire, accident, theft – or, indirectly, the liability you may incur if you inadvertently cause injury to others or damage to their property.

Be a good steward of your own finances. Check your insurance program and see if you can save through a group you belong to.

Are You Eligible?

Check today to see if one of your groups has arranged a group insurance plan with The Personal – an insurance organization with a long track record in Canada, serving more than 700 public and private sector organizations across Canada. The Personal offers insurance for homes, automobiles, recreational vehicles, pets and travel – and, in Quebec only, business insurance.

More than 500,000 insureds have taken advantage of this privilege. Visit to see if one of your groups has an insurance program with The Personal.

About The Personal

Partnered with more than 700 organizations, The Personal provides home and auto group insurance to members and employees of participating organizations. It also offers recreational vehicle (RV) and pet insurance products.

Participating professions include the Canadian military community, engineers, firefighters, accountants, health care professionals and many others.

SOURCE: The Personal

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