Introducing Bucklebot, SGI’s new ambassador of seatbelt safety

Animatronic personality joins SGI’s Safety Squad

Regina, SK (June 14, 2019) – SGI is excited to introduce Bucklebot, the newest addition to the SGI Safety Squad. Standing just under a metre tall, Bucklebot is a remote-controlled robot that will teach seatbelt safety to children – and their parents.

“Bucklebot is a fun, interactive way to deliver a very important message: buckle up every time you’re in a vehicle, because it could save your life,” said Penny McCune, Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund. “Police issue hundreds of seatbelt tickets every month, which tells us that, for many people, the message just isn’t clicking. Establishing good habits early with children will help ensure they last a lifetime, and keep them safe.”

With the help of a nearby human “assistant” on a wireless headset, Bucklebot can talk to kids directly, answering their questions about seatbelt use and anything else traffic safety-related.

Bucklebot, the newest addition to the SGI Safety Squad (SGI CANADA)

Bucklebot, the newest addition to the SGI Safety Squad

While most people do buckle up, there are still too many who don’t. During 2018’s Traffic Safety Spotlights, police reported more than 4,700 offences for failing to wear a seatbelt or not using the appropriate booster seat or car seat for kids.

On average, improper or non-seatbelt use is a factor in a total of 19 deaths and 158 injuries per year in Saskatchewan.

Wearing a seatbelt can reduce your chances of being seriously hurt or killed in a collision by as much as 50 per cent. To help spread that message, Bucklebot will be travelling around Saskatchewan, appearing at safety days, car seat clinics, schools and community events.

If you’d like to request Bucklebot at your event, contact SGI’s Traffic Safety Community Outreach department by visiting


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Source: Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI)

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