Apollo offers first-ever gluten-free insurance policy

Vancouver, BC (June 14, 2019) – Apollo is pleased to announce that it now offers the world’s first insurance policy that is 100% free of gluten.

This was achieved through a complete digitization of the entire insurance purchasing process.

“There’s no gluten on the internet,” says Apollo CEO Jeff McCann. “By taking the insurance policy from its physical form, which is full of gluten, and translating it into a cloud-based digital form, Apollo is able to guarantee that there is no way gluten could possibly contaminate the policy.”

The insurance policy was tested in a third-party lab, which confirmed that there was no gluten whatsoever contained in the final product.

Apollo is interested in partnering with Beyond Meat to offer a vegan insurance policy later this year.

About Apollo Insurance

Apollo is Canada’s largest small business insurance marketplace. Through the Apollo Exchange, brokers can quote, bind, and issue policy documents for hundreds of classes of small businesses from Canada’s leading carriers. Brokerages are also able to white label the platform and sell directly from their brokerage website.

Learn more about Apollo in the InsurTech Spotlight. For additional information, visit apollocover.com.

Source: Apollo Insurance

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