Breaking Down Marketing Automation for Brokers

Live webinar, June 20 at 2pm, with Nancy Costa, The Hull Group and Goose Digital

Toronto, ON (June 10, 2019) – Driving qualified leads, optimizing sales enablement and improving customer service are top priorities for Insurers. Marketing Automation plays a critical role in supporting each of these priorities.

At Goose Digital, our best practices for insurers is framed by 3 key components: Strategy, Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation. Strategy is always the starting point, and the thread that is continuous throughout a marketing plan. Beginning with a clear strategy helps insurers outline their goals and identify measurable objectives including audiences, products and services. Digital Marketing includes the lead generation and acquisition programs that brings the strategy to market across all channels. Marketing Automation is the platform that enables insurers to execute personalized and relevant communications that are essential for engaging today’s customer.

Over the last several weeks, Goose Digital has published a six-part blog series, entitled Breaking Down Marketing Automation for Brokers. The goal of the series has been to demystify these platforms and focus on the key benefits they can deliver. The series has looked at how a strategy led and marketing automation powered approach impacts awareness through websites, customized landing pages and lead generation; consideration with personalized email campaigns and automated programs; action with optimized tools for sales and services teams and advocacy through value-driven customer marketing including cross sell and referral programs.

To wrap up the series, Goose Digital is hosting a live webinar on June 20th with Nancy Costa, VP Marketing & Operations at The Hull Group. Nancy will share how her team has approached their digital transformation along with the plan, process and marketing automation platform they have put in place to enable them to succeed with lead generation and customer marketing, and the value of 360 reporting for her leadership team.

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