Frank Cowan Company partners with Canadian AVL provider Viaesys

Princeton, ON (June 10, 2019) – Frank Cowan Company has partnered with Viaesys, a Canadian AVL provider. Frank Cowan Company continues to advocate for the implementation and use of GPS systems for municipalities.

Frank Cowan Company, Ontario Good Roads Association along with municipal defense counsels, believe in the “persuasive value” of digital records in the defense of municipal road claims. They are more reliable than paper records because they are created as the work is performed, are always time and date stamped and automatically filed in an electronic manner where they stay until required. Courts have welcomed and generally not challenged GPS evidence when presented in a credible manner.

Raqib Omer, CEO of Canada-based Viaesys, says the company is “pleased to partner with Frank Cowan Company and bring the AVL Genius System as a turnkey and hassle free AVL and Road Patrol solution to small and medium sized municipalities that have limited resources to implement and manage these systems.”

The Viaesys turnkey guarantee means that clients can start digital patrolling and tracking in under 15 minutes of training while Viaesys takes care of all setup and back end management.

Frank Cowan Company is pleased to see the benefit that the Viaesys GPS, Salt, Road Patrol Dashcam system has provided to other Canadian municipalities.

“The ease of setup and use enables smaller municipalities to easily collect data that is necessary for a successful defense,” says Barb Szychta, Vice President of Risk Management Services, Frank Cowan Company.

The technology not only reduces your litigation costs but continues to save you valuable dollars year after year by increasing your operational efficiency for optimizing routes thereby reducing gas and overtime costs as well insuring regulatory compliance such as salt management and in Ontario meeting the Minimum Maintenance Standards.

“The Ontario Good Roads Association is pleased that Frank Cowan Company has partnered with Viaesys for this important service,” said Joe Tiernay, OGRA Executive Director. “OGRA, through Viaesys, provides the Winter Web App and Weather Tracker service, both of which are important tools in ensuring compliance with the Minimum Maintenance Standards,” he added.

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