Custom Software and ClearPay Announce Payment Integration

Toronto, ON (June 6, 2019) — Custom Software Solutions (CSSI) and ClearPay have announced an integration that will streamline payments and reporting for users of The Broker’s Workstation (TBW) and The Underwriter’s Workstation (TUW). By automating and standardizing the payment and reporting process, brokers can do business more efficiently, accurately and securely.

The integration will enable TBW and TUW users to automate payment authorization, notification, reporting delivery and the movement of funds. Automating these processes will eliminate inefficiencies such as lost cheques, erroneously cancelled policies and chasing down signatures. With the process fully digitized, brokers will also benefit from enhanced security and accuracy of payments and the associated reporting.

“This new payment integration will provide real efficiencies for our brokers, MGAs and carrier partners,” said Scott Andrew, CEO of CSSI. “In addition to the streamlined workflow, our clients can look forward to increased data security and privacy.”

“We are excited to announce the direct integration of ClearPay with TBW and TUW,” said John Knotek, CEO of ClearPay. “Not only is the integration seamless, it anticipates future ClearPay capabilities for collections and auto reconciliation.”

“TBW is particularly powerful when brokerages are handling time-sensitive funds for policy holders, for NSFs or down payments for example,” continued Knotek. “With a one-step posting of the receipt of funds, TBW creates a payable to the carrier, which ClearPay then fully automates.”

CSSI and ClearPay are expected to release the integration later this year.

About ClearPay

ClearPay is an independent Canadian company created by professionals with years of experience in the insurance and banking industries to automate payments and account reconciliation for the insurance industry.  For more information, visit

About Custom Software Solutions

Custom Software Solutions Inc. (CSSI) was founded in 1991 and is a leader in the development and delivery of real-time digital solutions and business process automation systems for Insurance Brokers, Companies and MGAs in Canada. Our proven Broker products, The Broker’s Workstation, IntelliQuote, The Underwriter’s Workstation and I-Client, and Insurance Company Products, I-Company, I-Broker, and I-Biz, are today providing significant efficiency gains leading to increased productivity and decreased operating expenses for both Broker and Company users. CSSI boasts a team of highly experienced programmers, insurance industry professionals, and certified computer technologists. For more information, visit

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