Canada Protection Plan Announces Two Innovative AI Solutions Providing Access to Services with Advisor Assist Program and Amazon Alexa

First-to-market expansion of the company’s Advisor Assist Program (AAP) leverages advancements in AI technology and accessibility, services advisors and their clients with greater convenience

Toronto, ON (May 29, 2019) – Canada Protection Plan Inc., a leader in No Medical and Simplified life insurance, is pleased to announce AI-focused initiatives to support its advisors. Among the developments is the Advisor Assist Program (AAP), which provides advisors with the option to add a link and/or widget to their website. This feature connects their clients to an online application stream. Canada Protection Plan is also the first insurance provider in Canada to offer integration with Amazon Alexa alongside its new proprietary AI Assistant for Advisors, “Emilie”. Emilie will be available on other primary automated virtual assistant platforms in the near future.

These programs are part of the company’s ongoing mandate to incorporate best-in-class technology to suit the needs of its increasingly digital advisors and clients.

The first of these solutions will see Emilie, the Amazon Alexa voice-activated assistant, help advisors access information on Canada Protection Plan’s offerings at any time of day. Emilie can answer underwriting and other insurance- and product-related questions to help advisors efficiently service their clients. By using the Alexa app, advisors can also utilize this solution without an Alexa device. The program is a 24/7 underwriter and serves to enable advisors who travel frequently to meet with clients and can benefit from the hands-free, voice-activated capabilities of Alexa to access underwriting services while on the road.

Using the Alexa app, users can search and enable Canada Protection Plan Advisor Support by stating “Alexa, open Canada Protection Plan Advisor Support, please.” Emilie is driven by AI technology and is therefore continuously learning to provide ever-increasing support. The program was developed by collecting queries and responses between Canada Protection Plan’s advisors and underwriters, which were transcribed and programmed into Emilie’s code to ensure responses are consistent and authentic.

Alexa, open Canada Protection Plan Advisor Support please

Canada Protection Plan also now offers an automated chatbot on its advisor-side website to assist advisors. The advisor’s clients will have access to this automated chatbot support as well, through the Advisor Assist Program. When registered for AAP, advisors will be able to provide their clients the option to apply for life insurance online.

The AAP’s AI-powered solutions were developed in collaboration with Thinktum, a Waterloo-based technology incubator.

“Canada Protection Plan is proud to provide our clients and advisors with innovative and practical solutions,” said Michael Aziz, Chief Distribution Officer with Canada Protection Plan. “The insurance industry is changing as consumers become more sophisticated and younger generations expect updated products to fit their lifestyles. We’re excited about the future of the sector and developments to insurtech.”

About Canada Protection Plan

Canada Protection Plan, one of Canada’s leading providers of No Medical and Simplified Issue life insurance, is a Canadian owned and operated corporation that designs, markets and sells life insurance and related products with simplified underwriting processes that require no medical exams on many of their plans. The company is dedicated to providing life insurance protection against unexpected events at a competitive price by offering numerous product choices and purchase options, making insurance coverage easily obtainable. For more information, visit

About Thinktum

Thinktum Inc. is a technology venture company based in Waterloo, Ont., aiming to cultivate technological capabilities and engage with the entrepreneurial community interested in providing equitable services and improving quality of life.

SOURCE: Canada Protection Plan via Kaiser Lachance Communications

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