CAA offers homeowners top tips to protect against water damage

Spring showers brings more than just flowers

Thornhill, ON (May 23, 2019) – CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is encouraging homeowners to help prevent water damage this spring by implementing some simple prevention strategies.

“The highest risk homeowners face is water damage, yet many homeowners remain unprepared,” said Pierre Bourdeau, manager, P&C insurance marketing, CAA South Central Ontario. “While incidents can occur unexpectedly, common causes of water damage can often be spotted and prevented in advance.”

Homeowners are encouraged to take a few moments this spring to assess their property. CAA SCO has created a 14-point checklist that homeowners can use to help make sure they are protected.

“There are a few main causes of water damage that homeowners should keep their eyes out for,” continued Bourdeau. “Thawing, heavy rain and water swells are common in the spring, but homeowners should also be checking their roofs, downspouts and washing machines every year to avoid unexpected seeping and leaks.”

CAA Insurance says that there are five main tools available to protect your home against water damage:

  • Sump Pumps: A device that pumps water out of the lowest point in a basement. If water accumulates due to moisture, high water table or flooding, the pump pushes the water out of a low-lying receptacle and into the proper drainage outflow.
  • Water Sensors: Water detectors are small electronic devices that emit an alarm when in contact with water. Left wherever water is likely to accumulate, they are triggered when their two contacts are submerged in water.
  • Backwater Valve: A valve that prevents water from your drain pipes re-entering your home. In storms or spring thaw, sewers can completely fill up with water and sewage, which can back up into your toilets, showers, and sinks. A backwater valve makes sure water only flows one way – out – through your drains.
  • Flood Shields: Physical barriers that keep water from entering your house. Flood shields are usually attached to doors or low-lying windows that might not have a perfect seal.
  • Lawn Grading: The practice of making your lawn slope away from your house. By tilting the ground away from your foundation, most water that runs off your roof (or that spreads along the ground) will tend to spread away from your house.

“Implementing proven water damage prevention tools serves a dual purpose. Homeowners will not only reduce their risk, they’ll also reduce their premiums,” added Bourdeau.

In addition to the tools and tips above, it is important to understand what is and is not covered in your home insurance policy, follow up with your insurance provider or broker to clarify any exclusions or additions.

CAA licensed Insurance Agents provide complimentary property insurance policy reviews – even if you’re not insured with the company.

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