Success of BOXX Academy emphasizes need for cyber security training

Toronto, ON (May 23, 2019) – After feedback from brokers, BOXX Insurance has taken the lead to provide Cyberboxx™ members and their employees with leading-edge cyber awareness training through BOXX Academy. The Academy is built to enhance the security posture and regulatory compliance of small to midsized businesses.

When it comes to cyber security, the weakest link is not software or hardware, it’s human beings. Research shows that security threats can be reduced significantly by providing the right cyber awareness training to employees. However, the reality is that most Canadian businesses don’t have the know-how to setup and follow through with comprehensive training.

“This is an amazing opportunity for insurance brokers across Canada to go beyond cyber insurance and provide their clients with the cyber security awareness training that many of them need, but cannot easily access,” says Vishal Kundi, BOXX’s Co-Founder and CEO, “The majority of standalone training programs in the market are either too expensive or do not fit their needs. We’ve received an enormous amount of interest from businesses across sectors who are looking for online training solutions that are both effective and affordable.”

BOXX Academy is now available exclusively to all Cyberboxx™ members for a limited time.

Keep Your Clients Cyber Compliant

With recent changes to data privacy laws, including Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), training plays a key role in protecting users’ data and meeting regulatory requirements. Luckily, the BOXX Academy is designed specifically with regulatory compliance in mind.

Employee progress can be shared with management and members of the Board to measure activity, risk metrics, and overall return on investment.

The training content was also created in partnership with Hiscox Insurance and is accredited by the UK’s intelligence agency responsible for cybersecurity, the GCHQ.

Tailored and Continuous Learning

The BOXX Academy combines videos and interactive material, as well as refresher modules, to help keep cyber security front of mind for employees. Each BOXX Academy training module also features diagnostic assessments to test employees’ existing knowledge and ensure that training is tailored to their specific knowledge gaps. Every module finishes with a test and cannot be passed until the assessment has been successful.

The program is spread across nine weeks and training modules can be accessed at any time. Covered topics include phishing, social engineering, password safety, device protection, and social media use.

About Boxx Insurance

BOXX Insurance Inc. is a new type of insurance company for a new type of risk. We work closely with the most respected insurance and technology partners to provide solutions that help small business clients manage their total risk exposure – starting with cyber risk.

Our flagship product, Cyberboxx™, is the first fully-integrated cybersecurity and insurance solution for small-to-midsized businesses.

Cyberboxx™ products are available currently through insurance brokers and affinity partners in Canada, Latin America, and Singapore.

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SOURCE: Boxx Insurance Inc.

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