PolicyAdvisor launches first-of-its-kind online disability insurance tool for Canadians

Toronto, ON (May 23, 2019) – PolicyAdvisor.com, the simple, quick, online brokerage for Canadians searching for life insurance and related products launched their online disability insurance quoting product today at the InsurTech North 2019 conference – the annual meeting of Canada’s insurance leaders and innovators. The online tool, the first-of-its-kind in Canada, enables working professionals, senior executives, and self-employed individuals to obtain a quote and start an application for disability insurance in minutes on their phone, tablet, or computer from the comfort of their home or any location they choose.

According to StatsCan, 1 in 5 Canadians above the age of 15 identify as living with a disability, and 33% of Canadians will experience a disability greater than 90 days. PolicyAdvisor’s instant disability insurance quoting tool allows working Canadians to safeguard their most valuable asset i.e. their ability to earn. The site offers easy access to best-in-class disability insurance products from some of the leading insurance companies in Canada.

Users can visit PolicyAdvisor.com and enter a few basic details about their occupation and financial situation to see how much coverage they’re potentially eligible for; by adjusting parameters like the benefit amount and waiting period, they can find coverage at a price point that’s right for them. The easy-to-use online interface has been developed based on discussions with hundreds of insurance customers, insurance companies, financial advisors, and other market participants. The company supplements its technology-first approach with real-world advice from experienced licensed brokers working behind the scenes, who clients can request to speak to online, on the phone, or through video.

“Traditionally, Canadians could not research the basics of disability insurance and its different price points on their own,” said Jiten Puri, PolicyAdvisor’s CEO and Founder. “Our tools break down the barriers from a once-opaque process and empower Canadians to make important protection decisions that are right for them, on their own time, without having to pay for such advice.”

Moving the Canadian insurance industry forward through innovation and technology has been PolicyAdvisor’s mantra since its launch. By pushing different categories of insurance into the forefront – like disability insurance – in an honest and transparent manner, PolicyAdvisor fulfills its mission of making insurance more accessible for Canadians by offering straight-forward protection products that fit their specific needs, online, in less time, for less money.

About PolicyAdvisor

PolicyAdvisor is transforming the way Canadians buy the financial protection they need. We are poised to disrupt a massive global industry by making insurance purchase simpler, transparent, and more human. With life insurance ownership at a multi-decade low and nearly 40 percent of Canadians lacking any life insurance coverage at all, it’s clear that the old insurance model isn’t working. That’s why we’re building quick, intuitive tools to help more Canadians get coverage. Visit www.policyadvisor.com to learn more.

SOURCE: PolicyAdvisor

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